The Best New Cookbooks To Buy Before Summer

We all know that what we eat directly affects how we feel, and how we look (hello: bikini season), thus it’s important to carefully consider the contents of your dinner plate. Making a case for passing on that extra side of fries are the crop of healthy cookbooks new on the scene for summer. From plant-based publications to a blog-turned-book and a pressed juice manual, ahead we take a look at the just-released titles for you to add to your kitchen shelf!

'The Plantpower Way' by Rich Roll and Julie Piatt

Husband-and-wife duo Rich Roll and Julie Piatt share over 120 family recipes (Superfood Pad Thai, Aztec Enchiladas, Mexican Cacao Brownies) to inspire your dinner table, while shedding new light on veganism. Spoiler alert: a plant-based diet is surprisingly delicious.

'The Suja Juice Solution' by Annie Lawless and Jeff Church

Pressed juice devotees are sure to love this thirst-quenching tome from SUJA Juice company founders Annie Lawless and Jeff Church. With 75 energy-boosting recipes, the detox book encourages you to mix and match fresh juice with meals, rather than living on a liquid-only diet (and ultimately, crashing). We're sold.

'The Broad Fork' by Hugh Acheson

Your new farmer's market companion, this produce-focused book by acclaimed chef Hugh Acheson is packed with 200 recipes ready to bring your fruit and veggie scores to life. Think: Snapper Ceviche, Raspberry Cobbler and Apple Butter.

'My New Roots' by Sarah Britton

Yet another reason to consider vegetarian eating (or at least, incorporating elements of the lifestyle into your everyday) is My New Roots, an extension of Sarah Britton's food blog of the same name. Inside you'll find a range of appetizing plant-based meals, encompassing those that are effortless and more involved. Bottom line: you'll eat them up.