Team-Zoe-Tested Hangover Cures That Actually Work

We’ve all been there—those treacherous mornings after a night on the town when getting out of bed doesn’t happen until late afternoon and Postmate-ing Taco Bell is imminent. Whether an eager waiter was constantly at the ready to refill your glass or the cocktails were simply too delicious to turn down, we’re not here to judge how you were over-served, we just want to help. Here, three Team-Zoe-tested hangover cures that aid us (and hopefully you, too) in a speedy recovery, that final glass of rosé notwithstanding.


Party On

Skeptical when a friend told us about the "miraculous" effects of these multivitamins, we were pleasantly surprised to find they actually take those pounding, morning-after headaches from a ten to a one on the pain scale. The directions suggest consuming three during the day and three after drinking, but we've found two and two does the trick just as well. Bonus: The company offers a money-back guarantee if you don't feel healthier upon trying the product.

To combat grogginess and nausea, we take a charcoal pill with water before bed, which helps the body process the "poison"—aka alcohol—as we sleep. Charcoal works to absorb toxins (similar to how it works in skincare) and allows for a much more pleasant wake-up after partying.

Another herbal supplement, PartySmart capsules work to eliminate acetaldehyde, a by-product of alcohol intake that fuels hangovers. Unlike Drinkwel, it only requires you take one pill sometime during alcohol consumption, but we find by comparison it's pain-alleviating effects are generally more mild (albeit still effective).