6 Benefits Of Green Tea You Didn’t Know About

We’ve already shown you all the ways apple-cider vinegar can change your life, but there’s another wondrous kitchen-cabinet staple that’s worth stocking up on for its many health-boosting benefits—green tea. Chock-full of antioxidants, the superstar leaves and their delicious brew can significantly amp up your well-being. Not only is it a great tea for skin and hair, it can also strengthen immunity. Here are six reasons why it should become part of your routine, stat.


Why You Need Green Tea

Green tea contains caffeine and astringent tannins that reduce swelling by constricting the blood vessels. It also has vitamin K, which helps eliminate dark circles. Give yourself a little at-home eye-mask treatment by steeping two green-tea bags in boiling water for two minutes. Squeeze out the excess water and let them cool (they should be a little damp). Stick them in the refrigerator for five minutes and directly apply onto your eyes. Green tea is also antibacterial, so this tactic can help treat sties.

If you've come across a bug bite, allergic reaction or sunburn, steep four green-tea bags in hot water and let them cool. Soak a clean washcloth, remove excess water, and gently dab the affected part of the skin. Anti-inflammatory properties work as a soothing remedy.

Green tea contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and panthenol, which promote follicle growth and strengthening respectively while keeping split ends at bay and sealing in shine. Wash your hair with tea after you shampoo and condition, and leave for 10 minutes before rinsing with cold water.

Green tea not only tastes delicious, it also prevents cavities and gum disease with its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory powers as it lowers acidity in the mouth. Because it kills germs, it simultaneously eliminates bad breath.

The potent antioxidants in green tea slow down the aging process and protect skin from free radical damage. Anti-inflammatory effects help reduce wrinkles, acne flare-ups and scars. Create a DIY scrub by combining one cup of cooled brewed green tea with its loose leaves, a cup of sugar and one tablespoon of olive oil to gently exfoliate your skin for a refreshed, glowy result.

Boasting the antioxidant catechin, green tea accelerates your metabolism by increasing levels of fat oxidation and your body's production of energy post-digestion. It also benefits your immune system by protecting your body from free radical damage and toxins, allowing you to fight off infections and bacteria more effectively. Aim to drink two to three cups daily one hour after a meal.