Emma Roberts Says This Health Trick Is More Important Than Working Out

As Hollywood’s style muse and beauty chameleon, Emma Roberts always manages to look effortlessly chic—and it turns out she preaches the same attitude when it comes to her wellness routine. The actress has tackled roles such as a budding lacrosse pro in the teen comedy Wild Child, and a no-holds-barred daredevil in thriller Nerve, but Emma admits that she isn’t quite a fitness junkie in real life.

“I don’t like running,” she tells Byrdie. “The way I’m built… It’s just not really for sports. I played volleyball, and even that was a stretch. I was the runt on the team.”

While we’d never describe the star as a runt, it’s refreshing to know that she attempts only the occasional (and physically tolerable) spin class or Pilates workout. “I’m very easy on myself with diet and exercise,” she says. “I want to be healthy, and I want to do a good job, but I never put pressure on myself because there are so many more important things, like sleep.”

That’s right: “To me, sleeping is more important than working out,” Emma continues.

This is something we can all collectively agree on—since lackluster skin, weight gain and other health issues are all ramifications of sleep deprivation. And if it keeps us from putting in more hours at the gym, you can bet we’re framing these words for future—or this evening’s—reference.