5 Simple Swaps To Make For A Healthier Lifestyle

As we fully believe in leading lives of moderation, we embrace small victories whenever we can. Lately, that has come in the form of swapping out not-so-great habits in favor of better alternatives. Rather than holding ourselves or others to impossible standards, we find that integrating easy self-care practices proves more sustainable than comparatively extreme measures. Here are five simple daily swaps we’ve made that have positively impacted our lives (and we hope will do the same for you).


Healthy Strides

Olivia Wilde carrying a Bobble reusable water bottle.

We, like many people, try to limit our use of plastic water bottles in hopes of a less wasteful existence. Know what makes that task significantly easier? Having a reusable bottle at the ready at all times. Lately a copper vessel has been our choice du jour—in Ayurvedic practices, it is purported to kill bacteria and aid digestion. Try keeping one at your desk to refill throughout the day.

In our modern, plugged-in world, it's an unfortunate reality that many of us begin the day by frantically checking our in-boxes. Break that habit in favor of a new (albeit still tech-related) practice: a few minutes of meditation. Apps like Headspace guide you through the process and can be especially helpful in setting your intentions for the day, which ultimately encourages emotional balance and a clear mind.

We know sugar is the devil (sigh), but as total fiends, could never completely give up our sweet snacks. As such, we've swapped out the candy that provided our much-needed afternoon pick-me-up in favor of more nourishing trail mix. No, we're not talking the kind that's loaded with chocolate—rather, a variety that includes raw nuts and dried fruit (such as cranberries) that provide just a hint of sweetness and energy without the subsequent sugar-induced crash.

We've said it before and we'll say it again—there are myriad ways to get pretty while you sleep. Swapping your regular pillowcase for a silk version offers hair and skin benefits: It's more gentle on your delicate strands (read: less bedhead) and complexion—it also helps prevent those annoying creases on your face when you wake up. Furthermore, it feels incredibly luxurious, which in and of itself encourages more indulgent rest.

While we try to make sure our daily fluid intake is nothing more than good, clean H20, sometimes we get those sneaky cravings for something bubbly. Instead of opting for diet soda, which really does nothing for us nutritionally, we've swapped it for kombucha. The fermented tea is a fantastic source of probiotics and, with a slew of options now on the market, comes in a variety of yummy flavors. As we've learned there's no such thing as sugar-free kombucha (it's a necessary ingredient in the fermentation process), do be mindful of how many grams are in your brew of choice when selecting a bottle. (We love the options from Heath Ade and Brew Doctor.)