PSA: Chocolate Reduces The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

We’ve been watching a lot of health documentaries lately, and as a result we’re sort of afraid to eat anything, which has, in turn, made us feel free to eat everything. (Do you follow? It’s Friday.) So, when one study shows that the flavonoids in cocoa can help clear the brain fog we suffer from daily due to lack of sleep, we’re going to run with it and state, boldly, that chocolate is a health food and you should eat it whenever possible. Planning a big night out tonight? Make sure to get your M&M stash ready for consumption at tomorrow’s breakfast table in order to recover your wits by lunch (or, opt for an avocado chocolate bar for a slightly more AM-appropriate meal). The study’s authors say they eat dark chocolate—rich in these cognition-boosting flavonoids—every single day, which is definitely #goals/our current reality, subbing “dark” with “all things sugar.” Just don’t watch Fed Up if you adopt this practice—trust us, in this case, ignorance is truly bliss.