The Health Food That Transformed My Appetite

If you’re anything like me, your stomach starts growling at 11am every morning, despite having devoured a balanced breakfast. So, you end up snacking aggressively or eating a huge portion at lunch. While I eat healthy foods and have for the majority of my 20s, I can’t seem to manage my appetite and cravings. I’ve tried a variety of different meal plans and cleanses but nothing has really helped me, which is why I agreed to try something a little unconventional: birdseed.

Aside from literally ‘eating like a bird,’ there are other more scientific reasons to give this supplement a try. Hear me out, because for me, this actually worked.

What Is It?

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Essentially, alpiste is canary seed, and at one point it was used solely to feed birds. Canary grass is now grown in several parts of the world for birdseed, and silica-free alpiste is safe for human consumption. Ground, powdery forms can be found in local grocery stores or online, and are perfect for mixing into milk or water to drink. A lot of these options you can buy include added cinnamon for taste, which makes the powder more sweet, rather than nutty flavored.

What Does It Do?


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People add alpiste to their diets for many different benefits. It can help with diabetes and blood pressure, act as a diuretic, and help you maintain a healthy weight. My friends who use it say they've noticed an improvement in their blood sugar levels, a reduction in bloating and inflammation, and that the supplement helped keep them regular. In my case, drinking alpiste every morning helped keep me feeling fuller for a lot longer, which allowed me to space out meals more efficiently throughout the day.

Why I Like It

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The main reason I enjoy drinking this every morning is the fact that I've found it to be safe. With other dietary supplements, I've either experienced strange side-effects or simply found that they weren't effective. With alpiste, I noticed a change in my eating habits almost immediately. I've also been able to focus more on my work throughout the day, rather than getting distracted by dreaming about my next meal. My metabolism has also been boosted, and I feel healthier and more focused. I'm not saying it's the perfect solution for everyone, but so far, it's changed my life.

Canary Seed 101