Keep Calm With These Stress-Relieving Products

Juggling a swamped schedule, crowded inbox and endless to-do lists? We feel you. It’s easy to skip out on me-time when things get busy but we’re firm believers that a little bit of pampering goes a long way in reducing stress and maintaining peace of mind. Here, a few fantastic products to help you get through the busiest of days.

Unwind At Any Time

Calming Essential

Lavanila Laboratories, $14

Not only does lavender smell amazing, it also naturally reduces stress, anxiety and insomnia. This fragrant deodorant is the perfect way to start your day.

Hydration In Pinch

Givenchy, $35

Infused with hydrating lotus and magnesium salt, a spritz of this facial mist in the middle of the day will keep you refreshed and alert.

Aromatherapy On The Go

Intelligent Nutrients, $42

Whenever you feel a hint of anxiety creeping in, this portable stress-relieving oil of spearmint, chamomile and vanilla will be your savior.

In-Flight Ritual

Bliss, $54

Add this compact vitamin and mineral-enriched eye mask to your carry-on and kiss those exhausted, airplane eyes goodbye.

Nighttime Relief

Mio Skincare, $20

Beauty PSA: Dry body brushing promotes circulation, restores worn-out skin, and acts as meditative stress relief.

Peaceful Soak

Pursoma, $32

A calming and restorative bath can do wonders for your state of mind. Try this 'Digital Detox' green clay bath soak for the ultimate recharge.

Revitalizing Moisture

Ila, $70

Apply this reviving oil after the shower to reenergize your senses and nourish tired, dull skin. Its formulation of essential oils helps reduce sluggishness and improve circulation.

Save Face

Origins, $30

A long day can leave your skin looking strained and tired. Relieve your worries with a creamy lavender-chamomile mask to release tension on the face and soothe your senses.

Lower The Lights

Neom Organics, $72

Put on your comfiest loungewear, light up this uplifting, stress-reducing candle, and watch the worries of the day melt away.

Get Deep Sleep

The Body Shop, $16

Spray this slumber-inducing formula onto your pillow for a peaceful, ready-to-snooze mind. Jujube date enhances a deeper doze, while the combination of geranium, juniper and patchouli oils soothes and maintains relaxation.

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