It Girl Brianna Lance Shares Her Daily At-Home Workout

We have the biggest girl crush on Brianna Lance, better known to us by her Instagram handle, @breez_lance. The former Reformation designer is the ultimate multi-hyphenate—designer, DJ, musician, painter, editor, creative consultant … the list goes on, but “cool” is the only way to describe her and the certain je ne sais quoi that’s made her a rising star on Instagram. We follow her for aspirational content—the places she goes, the events she attends and the company she keeps—but also for the behind-the-scenes look at her life as both an introverted artist and a modern woman who wears many (stylish, of course) hats. Some of the best Insta stories she creates, however, involve sneak peeks of her daily at-home workouts, so we asked her to share specifics to enable us to copy her routine, stat. Here, her home exercise plan, move by move, which will give any pricey boutique fitness class a run for its money (free of charge).


Bend It Like Brianna

Brianna Lance

Move 1: Stretch Downward

Start with a forward bend. Relax into it and let your body flop.

Brianna Lance

Move 2: Stretch Upward

Roll your spine up to stand, stretching your arms overhead and back and side to side to wake up your spine.

Brianna Lance

Move 3: Balance

Start with Tree pose. Try closing your eyes to find inner balance. Repeat each side. Hold for five slow breaths.

Brianna Lance

Move 4: Bow & Arrow

Then, go into what I call Bow and then Arrow (two moves). Stay on one leg to move from the first to the second and make sure to use your abs and your tush to help balance. Hold each pose for five slow breaths. Repeat each side. The pose pictured is bow.

Move 5: Leg Lifts

Stand straight up. Start by pointing one leg and toe at a 45-degree angle behind you. Lift up and down for four sets of eight. Then, point straight behind you and move your leg up and down for four sets of eight. Then, point out to your side and move your leg up and down for four sets of eight. When you've finished, do the other leg.

Brianna Lance

Move 6: Pliés

Next up, some pliés. Start with 40 regular pliés (full motion), then hold at the bottom and pulse for 40.

Brianna Lance

Move 7: Partial Flow

Move into Downward Dog. Hold for five slow breaths. Then lift your leg (either one) up behind you and lower your knee to your chin to push it into a lunge.

Brianna Lance

Move 8: Warrior 2

Raise up into Warrior 2 pose.

Move 9: Triangle

Then, move into Triangle pose.

Brianna Lance

Move 10: Plank Runs

Go back into Downward Dog and lower to a plank. In plank, alternate pulling each knee into your elbow for a count of 20.

Move 11: Upward Dog

After the planks move into Upward Dog. Hold for five slow breaths.

Brianna Lance

Move 12: Booty

Now, for more booty stuff. If you don't have a foam roller, you can do this with your feet flat on the floor. Start by doing a Bridge pose with your feet on the foam roller, hip width apart. Raise all the way up and all the way down to the ground for 40. Then, hold up and pulse there for 40. Keep holding and roll your feet out an inch and then in an inch for 40.

Brianna Lance

Move 13: More Booty

Repeat the same series with your knees and feet together.

Brianna Lance

Move 14: Abs

Start with a neutral spine and raise your feet off the ground with your heels together and your knees apart. Then, raise your head and shoulders up holding your head to support your neck. Push out into the air drawing your knees together and keeping your toes apart. Repeat 20 times.

Brianna Lance

Move 15: More Abs

Then, in the same spine position, repeat that exercise with your knees together and heels and toes together. Keep your toes pointed for ten and your toes flexed for ten.

Brianna Lance

Move 16: Still More Abs

Lay your head on the floor and with a neutral spine, dip your feet to the floor and raise them back up for 40. Work from your lower abs to raise them up.

Brianna Lance

Move 17: Even More Abs

Lie back down and move your hands behind your head again. Alternate pulling your shoulder to your opposite knee on each side for a count of 30.

Brianna Lance

Move 18: Finally, An Ab Stretch

Then, stretch out your abs by putting the soles of the feet together and lying down. Release the belly.

Brianna Lance

Move 19: Thighs

Lie on your side, propping up your head on your hand and moving your legs into a 45-degree angle away from your body. This will be your position for this series.

First, move your top leg back behind you and circle your leg 20 times one direction and 20 times the other. Then, in the same place, pulse your leg up and down for 40. Make sure your hips stay stacked on top of each other.

Brianna Lance

Move 20: More Thighs

Move the top leg above the bottom and kick the top leg up and down, full extension, for 20. Keep your hips stacked and place your arm across them if you need help keeping them stable.

Brianna Lance

Move 21: Still More Thighs

Next, move your top leg forward and point your toes down to the floor. Pulse up and down here for 40. You should feel this in your thigh and butt.

Brianna Lance

Move 22: A Thigh Stretch

Then, sit up and take the leg you were working on and place it on top of the other one, knees touching. Bend over your legs to stretch out that side.

Repeat this series on the other leg.

Brianna Lance

Move 23: Inner Thighs

Lay on your side again with your head propped up on our hand. This time take your top leg and bend it over the bottom. Raise the bottom leg up and down for 40. Hold at the top after that and pulse for 40.

Brianna Lance

Move 24: An Inner Thigh Stretch

Stretch out that leg by sitting up and lengthening the worked leg and bending over it.

Brianna Lance

Move 25: Release

Finally, you're done! Just do a forward bend to relax.

Brianna Lance

Now, enjoy your day!