Is Your Skincare Regimen Missing This?

We devote countless hours and dollars in the pursuit of great skin, but are we drinking enough water? This is the question that friends-turned-founders Tal Winter and Kate Cutler asked themselves when conceiving their cult-favorite bkr water bottle, a high-style, BPA-free accessory that ensures you’ll double your H20 intake each day. As proponents of the cause, we were thrilled to include a limited-edition bkr bottle in our spring Box of Style to accompany you from the boardroom to the beach and beyond. Ahead, we talk with both founders about bkr’s beginnings, their celebrity following and what we can look forward to from the brand.

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Behind The Brand: BKR

"We always knew that the prescription for gorgeous skin is sleep and water, but we found ourselves drinking from tons of plastic disposable water bottles. It didn't make sense that intelligent, sophisticated people like us were essentially drinking from trash. We couldn't find a reusable bottle we loved. To us, drinking out of metal wasn't an option—it alters the taste and they're not dishwasher-safe. So we decided to make exactly the bottle we wanted: something beautiful, effortless, pure and chic. We knew if we wanted it, other people would too."

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The Most Rewarding Aspects Of Building A Luxury Brand

"When we see celebs like Gisele Bündchen, Natalie Portman and Jessica Alba carrying around bkrs, it's pretty surreal, but honestly it's just as exciting when we see a chic woman we don't know walking down the street, bkr in hand. It's also been completely amazing to see the response to bkr internationally—we're now in luxury beauty departments in 21 countries and growing. Going from two girls with laptops on a couch to a London press tour and a launch on the beauty floor of Selfridges is bananas."

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The Secret To Glowing Skin

"Water is the foundation of any beauty regimen. You can spend a fortune on your face (and trust us, we do), but makeup and skincare do their best work on skin that’s hydrated and glowing from within. Every day we get DMs from customers who tell us they're obsessed, they carry their bkr everywhere and they've never been so hydrated. If you've never had a bkr before, it's hard to believe this, but there really is something magical about them."

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On The Color Selection Process

"It doesn't hurt that we're pop culture, fashion and magazine junkies; we go to museums, we travel, we surround ourselves with people who are curious, creative, interested and interesting. We test a dozen shades for every color we make and when we decide to do something different with the design of a bkr, we spend weeks and weeks making sure that it's absolutely perfect, something that people didn't even know that they wanted."