This Is The Best Time To Exercise If You Want To Reap The Benefits

It’s hard to find the right time of day to work out. Doing so before going into the office in the morning most likely means you’re skimping on sleep, while leaving exercise until the end of the work day almost always ensures it won’t happen. Since no time of day is really ideal for executing on this important habit—which aids in weight loss, improves mood and slows aging, among myriad additional benefits—we figure we may as well let science decide our exercise schedule for us. According to Inc , a recent study showed that the optimal time to exercise if weight loss is the goal is in the morning, on an empty stomach. Apparently, exercising after a fast (e.g. a night of sleep) causes your body to burn more calories both during the work out and thereafter, for the rest of the day. What’s more, a separate study also cited by Inc showed that those who exercised early and on an empty stomach experienced improved moods for up to twelve hours after the fitness activity took place. So, while the thought of walking into a spin class starving before dawn isn’t exactly an appealing one, it seems we may have to rethink our daily schedules to make it happen if we want to optimize the benefits of our efforts.