9 Fitness Apps That Will Jump-Start Your New Year’s Resolutions

We don’t know about you, but we’re having a tough time getting motivated this month—there are still cookies on our desks, we feel more tired than we did before the break and just ugh. We’ve got to do something to get in shape, though, as bikini season will be here before we know it and, most importantly, sitting for so many hours a day is cutting years off our lives. (Sad, but true.) We’d prefer to be as spry as Iris Apfel is at 95, so we’d better get moving, and stat. Here, nine fitness apps that’ll shape up your 2017.


9 Apps That'll Save You Big Money On Exercise In 2017

The Charity Miles app is our obsession—each time you run (or walk, or bike, or move at all) it donates money to a participating charity. So far, the app has earned nearly $2M for groups like Stand Up To Cancer, ASPCA and more.

Charity Miles is available on iPhone and Android for free.

Tons of women swear by this app, which features workouts by Australian trainer Kayla Itsines. The 25-year-old developed her own fitness routines tailored to the needs and desires of women after she realized the methods she was taught to use weren't helping her clients acheive their goals. The app's newest updates help you plan and track your workouts.

Sweat With Kayla is free for iPhone, though content subscriptions cost $19.99 per month after the first seven days.

This one is not for the flaky, as you actually stand to lose money if you don't work out when you say you will. On the other hand, you can make money by keeping your fitness commitments, which is the motivation we've been looking for our entire lives. You set your goals, and decide how much money you'll pay to the Pact pot if you don't meet them, and then either lose or make cash accordingly. As the app puts it, "Earn cash for living healthy, paid by those who don't." Genius.

Pact is available on iPhone and Android for free.

A fitness app with real personality (billed as your "judgmental fitness overlord"), Carrot offers a 7 Minutes in Hell workout during which she (yes, this AI is a she) will have you evading ostriches and punching celebrities. Narration varies each time you work out, so you'll never get bored (plus, you'll get in some extra abdominal work via belly laughs).

Carrot Fit is available on iPhone for $3.99.

Short, high-intensity workouts are the fitness trend du jour, and Keelo offers more than 200 options for those looking to pack a lot of punch into a small amount of time. As a bonus, CrossFit Games athlete Shana Alverson—currently the world's top female Olympic weight lifter over age 35—serves as the app's resident coach.

Keelo is available on the iPhone for free.

Aaptiv is the broke girl's version of a personal trainer— it offers motivation and direction for a huge variety of workout scenarios (treadmill, outdoor running, yoga and beyond) along with the perfect playlist. The best (or worst?) part is that unlike an IRL trainer, you can always shut off the voice in your ear when you feel like giving up.

Aaptiv is on iPhone and Android for free, with content priced at $9.99 per month.

Since we often do nothing all day but sit slouched over our laptops, a little ab work goes a long way. The Runtastic Six Pack app offers tons of core workouts, with a voice that counts through the reps, as well as visuals so you can check your form. (Very important!)

Runtastic Six Pack is available on iPhone, Android and Microsoft for $4.99.

Open Sweat offers deals on individual workout classes rather than bulk or monthly packages. Simply log in, browse deals and save big on some of your favorite workouts, even if you're booking last minute. So far, Open Sweat is only available in LA, but we're sure its savings will sweep other markets soon.

Open Sweat is available on iPhone for free.

Look to this app for 100-plus yoga classes of every stripe, plus easy-to-follow workout plans developed by professionals. We also love YogaGlo, which isn't an app, but is perfect for use on laptops and other Internet-enabled devices.

DailyYoga is available on iPhone and Android for free. A YogaGlo subscription is $18 per month.