These Are The Best US Cities For Coffee Lovers

Sound the alarm: Our favorite day is almost upon us. Yep, September 29 marks National Coffee Day, an entire 24 hours dedicated to celebrating our most beloved (and most necessary) beverage. Since we plan on sipping copious amounts of java every hour on the hour that day—and want to make sure everyone else does the same—we tracked down a truly fascinating report by WalletHub on the best US cities to get your coffee on.

Not surprisingly, the Northwest—aka coffee’s birthplace—commands the top of the list, with San Francisco, Portland and Seattle (duh) taking the first three spots, in ascending order. New York and Los Angeles rank fourth and fifth, respectively, while San Diego, Chicago, Denver, Boston and Washington, DC round out the top ten. The judging was based on 14 key indicators of “coffee-lover friendliness” among 100 of the country’s largest cities, including the average price for a pack of coffee and the percentage of adult coffee drinkers. Read the full report here and see where your city ranked!

Also, if you’re as jazzed as we are about coffee, check out this list of all the deals going down on the 29th—we’re talking freebies, discounts and specials all day long. Excuse us while we camp out at Dunkin’ Donuts. See you there.