We Tried Facial Cupping, And This Is What Happened

It seems like there’s always some new treatment we should be trying on our faces in order to slow time and preserve youth. Most of them, quite frankly, terrify us. Then we heard about acupuncture facials, the idea of which terrified us in a different way than do injections and chemical peels and the like. On the one hand, this facial required we let someone stick multiple needles into our face. On the other hand, the end result promised to be naturally youthful and glow-y in appearance, unlike some other treatments involving needles (which shall remain nameless). Interested, we enlisted the expertise of Beverly Hills-based facial acupuncturist Samantha Manka-Segal of Clear Balance Acupuncture. Below, watch as she demonstrates acupuncture and facial cupping—a favorite treatment of Kim Kardashian’s, according to a recent Snapchat post—on one brave editor.