6 Energy-Boosting Breakfasts You’ll Actually Want To Wake Up To

If you’re anything like us, it’s the thought of coffee that gets you out of the bed most mornings; however, coffee—while nonnegotiable for most of us—isn’t actually the best way to start your day with a sustainable energy boost. Certain foods provide mental clarity without the crash that comes with relying too heavily on caffeine. Here, six breakfast recipes that will do just that.

Sweet Simple Vegan

Raw Vegan Banana Cinnamon Rolls

Bananas are so ridiculously good for you that you should probably be eating at least one per day; they can help everything from hangovers to PMS to depression. Eating bananas for breakfast can provide a sustained energy boost that will last throughout the day as well as increase brain power. The fruit is so powerful, in fact, that consuming half a banana every 15 minutes during exercise is as effective as sipping a comparable amount of a sports drink.

In a pinch, you can always grab a plain banana to go, but if you're feeling the need for a little more excitement to get you out of bed, try this Raw Vegan Cinnamon Roll recipe made from the powerful fruit instead.

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Avocado Toast With Egg & Sriracha

Avocados, like bananas, have innumerable health benefits ranging from high fiber content to blood pressure–lowering potassium content. The protein, B vitamins, and other nutrients found in avocados provide energy and support metabolism, making them the perfect food with which to start your day. We love this Avocado Toast with Egg & Sriracha recipe, because eggs are another energy-boosting superfood that, when coupled with avocado, can power even the most sleep-deficient days.

How Sweet It Is

Roasted Blueberry Coconut Quinoa Parfait

Quinoa is an excellent energy source, and it has the added benefit of keeping you fuller, longer. This Roasted Blueberry Coconut Parfait with Coconut Granola seems decadent but is actually incredibly healthful; if you're looking for something a little simpler, try this Coconut Milk Breakfast Quinoa recipe instead.

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Strawberry Banana Protein Pancakes

This delicious Strawberry Banana Protein Pancake recipe includes bananas, eggs and protein powder, all of which will provide your body with a lasting source of energy. Add a dollop of nut butter into the mix for an even bigger boost.

Vegan Latina

Scramble Tofu Breakfast Bahn Mi

Tofu can be an excellent source of protein for those who don't eat meat or are looking to cut back on their meat consumption. We love this creative Scramble Tofu Breakfast Bahn Mi recipe, though we suggest replacing the baguette with whole-grain bread to avoid a simple carb crash.

The Healthy Foodie

Power Breakfast Egg MeatMuffins

These Power Breakfast Egg MeatMuffins are for the meat lovers among us, as they are absolutely packed with animal protein. The rather intense recipe calls for ground beef and beef liver, which might be a little much for most of us, but both can be replaced with ground turkey or something of the like if desired.