Jessica Alba Just Got The Sweetest Message From A Fan, And We’re Crying

Updated on October 5, 2017: If you’re still not convinced of social media’s positive effects, let your fave celebs like Jessica Alba and Candice Huffine do the talking. Both the actress and the model are among the A-listers participating in Instagram’s recently launched #KindComments, a continuation of its video-based initiative to promote kindness, diversity and inclusion throughout Fashion Month. In a special segment, the platform released a clip that also features designer Prabal Gurung, intersex advocate Hanne Gaby Odiele and Victoria’s Secret Angel Josephine Skriver, who read the sweetest messages posted by fans and followers on their pages. The result is incredibly heartwarming (and even made one editor cry). Watch it here:

Originally posted on August 1, 2017: Social media: You either love it, hate it or refuse to admit it’s taking over your life (that goes for us, too). With about 35% of women reportedly checking their accounts at least once an hour, it’s safe to say we spend a huge chunk of time on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and the like. Obviously, the excessive use of these digital platforms isn’t recommended (thanks to the inevitable tendency to compare oneself with others), but according to a recent study by Glamour and L’Oréal Paris, social media actually isn’t as harmful as it seems.

Although more than a third of respondents admit their feeds can make them feel inadequate at times, 74% believe social media can be a positive influence—informing, encouraging and allowing them to stay in touch with others or form new connections. “I find social media can be really motivating, once you learn to weed out the braggy stuff that makes you feel bad,” says Anita Levine, a 45-year-old publicist from Seattle who participated in the survey. To minimize the negative effects, experts suggest keeping tabs on how long you’re on the apps or sites as well as actively using them instead of lurking. (Three out of five women say simply sharing their experiences on social media makes them feel better about themselves, and the majority use it for tips, tutorials and inspiration for unique looks.) It might also help to unfollow those who make you question your self-worth—you’re amazing just the way you are!—and replace them with people or brands that inspire you. So post that photo or share that story—you’re part of a network that’s more empowering than you think.