5 Probiotic Powders Bringing Inner and Outer Beauty To the Next Level

Thanks to the kombucha craze, many of us are now wise to the wonders of probiotics—friendly bacteria you can ingest to keep your gut healthy. These live bacteria and yeasts are beneficial for overall wellness, and especially for your digestive tract. When our bodies lose good natural bacteria (through antibiotics for example), probiotics can come in to replenish. In addition to foods containing probiotics (fermented vegetables, yogurt, apple cider vinegar), supplements have gained popularity in the form of tablets or drinks that must be refrigerated. But thanks to a recent onslaught of new products aiming to aid stomach issues, eczema and even colds and allergies, shelf-safe probiotic powders are becoming all the rage. Mix them into a drink or sprinkle some over food to help keep your body looking and feeling beautiful from the inside out. Here are some of our favorites.


This Australian-based berry flavored probiotic powder contains 23 skin loving superfoods (like chia, ginger, and turmeric) in addition to the probiotics that will help you glow both inside and out.

Mix this powder into your favorite drink or you can even sprinkle it over food! Dr. Lipman uses the 5 most viable and stable strains of probiotic in his Be Well formula to promote digestive health.

Not only does this probiotic come in sugar-free Raw Cacao and Vanilla flavors for a satiating smoothie, but each serving contains 20 grams of clean plant protein for additional nourishment and health benefits.

Each packet contains eat least 10 billion live organisms consisting of probiotic strains. The powder is unflavored so it can be added it to anything for convenience for the girl on the go.

Most probiotics focus on the inner benefits of digestive and immune health and healthier skin is merely pleasant byproduct of probiotics. Renowned skincare line Epicurean puts probiotic skincare front and center to help balance and soothe skin. The healthy bacteria in the mask is especially helpful for taming acne-prone skin.