50 Ways To Make Your Home Look Way Better With Almost No Effort

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by Sabrina Crews
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When it comes to home improvement, it often seems like you’ve got two choices: Spend a lot of money, or invest a lot of time. With the 50 items below, however, neither is true. Each one of these clever products can make your home look way better in an instant with almost zero effort involved.

Sometimes, all it takes is a small change of perspective to yield big results at home. Overwhelmed by clutter? Nothing an attractive set of floating storage shelves or a tabletop cosmetics organizer can’t fix. Notice a little wear on your walls? There are peel-and-stick tiles and wallpaper for that. Or maybe your decor feels a little outdated. Don’t be ashamed of it — accentuate it with some kitschy, farmhouse-chic accessories and accents.

You can always make simple tweaks to give your home an immediate and remarkable refresh; the products below are proof. Plus, with two-day Prime shipping, you won’t even have to wait — these items can be yours right away (just in time for that weekend decorating project you had in mind). Bottom line: Home improvement doesn’t have to equal home makeover. It can be much less extreme but with nevertheless amazing results. Let these 50 low-effort solutions on Amazon show you the way.


A Set Of Macrame Plant Hangers To Make Your Space A Little Greener

Turn any room into your own personal greenhouse with these delightful macrame plant hangers. Simply place your plotted plants inside — choose from large and medium sizes in three different colors — and hook them from the ceiling, your curtain rods, or windows. Just as suited for the outdoors as they are inside, these stylish macrame hangers are sturdy enough to suit a variety of greenery and could not provide a simpler way to add instant atmosphere to your environs. What’s more? You get three for just $15. Can’t beat that!


This Non-Slip Shower Mat Made Of Eco-Friendly Bamboo

This best-selling bath mat is both stylish and functional. Made of eco-friendly bamboo with a smooth, hand-sanded finish, the mat comes in three sizes to optimally fit any space, in your choice of either black or the natural color pictured. Due to its vented design and bamboo construction, it won’t grow mildew or mold like a typical bathmat can, so it’s much more hygienic. What’s more, it dries super quickly, and its nine non-slip pads will ensure you don’t slip when getting in and out of the shower. It looks chic, too, in a very modern, minimalist way — your bathroom will instantly feel more spa-like with this mat.


A Cozy Fleece Blanket That Comes In So Many Stylish Patterns

With smooth brushed fleece on one side and plush popcorn fleece on the other, this reversible throw from Eddie Bauer will add such a cozy vibe to your living space when draped over your sofa or loveseat. It also boasts a rare 4.8-star overall rating on Amazon based on reviews from over 5,000 shoppers who love how thick, cozy, and warm it is.

  • Available prints: 27


This Waterproof Bathroom Organizer That Saves *So* Much Space

This countertop organizer couldn’t be more bathroom-friendly: It’s made of waterproof resin, contains slotted holes at the bottom to ensure your items stay dry, and comes with four anti-slip foot pads that keep it where you want it. The staggered storage slots hold a variety of toiletries — from your electric toothbrush to your razors to your daily cleansers and serums — so your sink area remains clutter-free. Plus, the sleek marble design adds a touch of sophistication to your bathroom decor. What’s not to love?


These Puck Lights You Can Install Nearly Anywhere

Bring a chic vibe to any spot in your house with these puck lights. Each order comes with double-sided tape so that you can stick them wherever you like — though you’ll also get a set of screws if you’d prefer a more permanent installation. The best part? They only require three AA batteries (not included) to provide up to 100 hours of light.


This Handsome Cheese Board That Elevates Cocktail Hour

Add a bit of timeless elegance to your next social affair with this wooden cheese board. Made from acacia wood, its attractive two tone finish adds depth and interest to the piece. Use it as a cheese board, bread board, or even a simple serving plate.


This Sleek And Polished Drawer Organizer

Add a put-together touch to your drawers with this bamboo organizer. Conveniently, the sides slide open, allowing it to transform from seven slots to nine slots with ease. The neutral-hued wood matches many different types of decor. Simply wipe it over with a damp cloth when you’re ready to clean it.


These Rustic Picture Frames That Come With Multiple Sets Of Prints

Make home decor just a touch simpler with these wooden picture frames. Featuring a grainy, rustic wood finish, this set of three frames also comes with nine different prints, so you can swap out your art on a whim. They’re just as charming with personal photographs, too.


This Unique, Brass-Plated Tray For Displaying Your Small Treasures

Made of brass-plated wire and lined with soft, beige linen, this geometric-shaped tray serves as both an organizer and unique display piece for the accessories you love most. It also boasts a super high 4.8-star rating on Amazon and comes in either brass or nickel to complement your nightstand, vanity, or dresser. You can also use this in an entryway to hold keys and other small trinkets, or in a living room to hold a candle and small succulent.


A Roll Of Metallic Tape That Adds Visual Interest With Ease

A drab wall or an unembellished piece of furniture is easily transformed with this metal mylar tape. The tape features a reflective, mirrored finish whose chic look belies just how easy it is to use. It adheres to a variety of materials and is even waterproof too, making it ideal for any room from the kitchen to the bathroom.

  • Available colors: 6


A 3-Piece Bedding Set With Lovely Embroidered Details

A three-piece duvet cover set for less than $50? Believe it. This Bedsure duvet cover is made of soft, breathable microfiber and features a tufted embroidery pattern that instantly elevates your bedroom decor. It also comes with eight hidden tie closures to help you maintain its smooth appearance, as well as two matching pillowcases. The duvet cover is hearty enough to stick with you through the colder months, though its overall look will lend itself well to the summer, too. Best of all, it’s easy to wash and care for.

  • Available colors: 5


These Vintage-Inspired Nightlights That Go On & Off Automatically

Add a hint of bucolic charm to any spot in your home with this set of two vintage-inspired night lights. Each plug-in light comes with a stylish hood and cage, with a long-lasting, LED lightbulb inside that’s cool to the touch but emits a warm glow. Thanks to light-sensing technology, the night lights automatically turn on after dark and off when the sun rises, so you only get light when you need it. The lights are also flexible enough so that you can position each one to either cover the entire outlet it’s plugged into, or free up room for other electronics. Though petite in size, these accent lights make an absolutely radiant impression — and you can get two for just $16.


A Beautiful Woven Basket That Holds — & Goes With — Anything

With over 20,000 positive ratings on Amazon, this popular woven basket serves as a household catch-all for just about anything: clothes, crafts, toys, games, blankets, towels, or throw pillows. It’s made of soft, cotton rope with a neutral, two-tone design that goes with anything, and features two built-in handles that make it easy to tote. Though sturdy enough to stand on its own, this flexible basket is easy to fold up and stash when you’re not using it, but it’s perfect for when you need a little extra storage without compromising the chic look of your living space.


These Floating Wall Shelves That Give Your Space An Ultra-Modern Vibe

Honestly, there’s so much you can do with this versatile pair of wall shelves. Whether you’re planning to hang them in the living room, office, bathroom, or kitchen, these mounted shelves — which currently boast over 15,000 positive ratings on Amazon — free up space and let you store your toiletries, office supplies, food ingredients, and other small accessories in an aesthetically pleasing way. Each set comes with two wooden boards, a removable towel holder, and a pack of eight screws for easy installation. Plus, the chic, modern design makes the shelves look like they’re floating.

  • Available colors: 5


This Self-Adhesive, Marble Paper To Give Any Surface A Refresh

Peel and stick: That’s all it takes to effectively use this decorative, self-adhesive film for your kitchen. Apply the marble-patterned paper to any flat, rundown surface — from cupboards and furniture to countertops and shelves — to give it a stunning upgrade. Sturdy and water-resistant, the self-adhesive vinyl conveniently comes with gridlines on the back to help you decorate as precisely as possible. Once you’ve finished, you won’t believe how elegant the results are — and nobody will guess it’s not real marble.


A Set Of Apothecary Jars For Your Cotton Balls, Hair Ties, & More

If you want a stylish and efficient way to store your cotton balls, cotton swabs, hair ties, and more, try this three-piece set of apothecary jars. Though they look expensive — practically identical to glass — the jars are actually made of durable plastic, so they’re less likely to break and won’t cost you as much. Each one comes topped with a snug lid and rounded handle, charmingly akin to an old-timey general store display jar. Practical and eye-catching, the canisters are guaranteed to conserve space, spruce up your countertop, and make bathroom clutter a thing of the past. You’re welcome.


This Mid-Century Modern, Round Edged Bar Set

Cocktail connoisseurs, rejoice. This mixology set is a stylish and affordable way to display the essential bar tools you need to create your favorite drinks. With its mid century modern base, it adds a decorative flair while serving a practical use. Made from durable stainless steel, it features a shaker, tongs, stirrer, and more.


A Set Of Stylish Fabric Bins For All Your Organization Needs

This set of fabric storage bins is a best-seller for a reason — actually, plenty of reasons. First and foremost, you get three for just $25. Moreover, with their soft, cotton fabric construction, hard-bottom interior, and lovely faux-leather handles, the bins are just as decorative as they are practical. They’re also able to hold a lot — laundry, shoes, towels, blankets, you name it — while you’re using them, and still fold up easily and out of the way when you’re not.

  • Available styles: 23


A Trio Of Candle Holders That Make Any Space Feel More Elegant

Create a magical ambience at home with this three-pack of staggered candle holders. Inspired by Nordic minimalism and available in a variety of elegant colors like white, gold, silver, and the black matte pictured, each of these handmade candle holders features a lovely iron finish and comes with a secure, round base and protective mat for safety. They fit most tapered candles, and cast the dreamiest glow when lit.


The Pretty Little Pots That Don’t Even Need A Plant To Look Good

Made of hardy ceramic in a striking gray marble pattern, these small bowls serve as the perfect accent piece for your windowsill, coffee table, desk, or greenhouse. Choose from three easy-to-match colors to find the the perfect complement for your space. No matter where you set them, and regardless of what’s inside (if anything), these lovely bowls are guaranteed to stand out.


This Gorgeous Decanter To Set On Your Nightstand Or Bathroom Counter

Bedtime is about to get a lot more luxurious with this gorgeous decanter on your nightstand. Made of exquisite, lead-free glass, it’s ideal for housing water on your bedside table — or you can even use it for mouthwash in the bathroom, or whiskey on your bar. “It has a high quality feel without being excessively heavy,” wrote one reviewer. “Pours out great and doesn’t waste a drop.”


A Beautiful Tea Box With A Drawer & 8 Compartments

Keeping your tea bags organized and out in the open so you know exactly how much chamomile and English breakfast you have is so easy with this lovely tea organizer. With eight compartments to sort your favorite flavors as well as a drawer for extra tea, honey sticks, or the sweetener packets of your choice.


These Bamboo Salt & Spice Boxes That Will Make You Look Like A Chef

Not only will keeping flaky salt on hand make your dishes better with almost no effort, but these salt and spice boxes will make your kitchen look like one of a professional chef. Made of always stylish, eco-friendly bamboo, these boxes have a convenient magnet closure to keep moisture out and your spices, salt, or tea fresh.


A Set Of Flameless Candles That Look Like The Real Thing

Want the romance of relaxing by candlelight, minus the fire hazard? Try this three-pack of flameless glass candles with LED bulbs. Each one is made of real wax and comes with a gently flickering, 3-D flame that looks so convincing, no one will believe it’s battery operated. You can also put the candles on a timer or turn them on and off with the accompanying remote. Available in five different colors like the stunning gold pictured, these Art Deco-style candles will bring just as much style and ambience to your living space as their flaming counterparts.

  • Available colors: 5


These Handwoven Storage Baskets You Can Use For Practically Anything

These handwoven baskets serve as ideal holders for your smallest essentials. Keep them in the bathroom to store your toilet paper or soaps, on top of your vanity to hold hair products and brushes, or in your pantry for everything else. Available in three goes-with-everything colors and made of durable imitation rattan, these storage baskets serve endless uses that well surpass their just-under-$30 price tag.


A Utensil Crock That’s Suprisingly Chic

Every kitchen needs a utensil holder for all of your spatulas, mixing spoons, and whisks. So make yours stylish. This crock is 7 inches tall and 6 inches wide, making it large enough to fit every kitchen tool you need within easy grasp. And the white ceramic with a gold trim is a luxe look that most other kitchen crocks don’t have.


This Set Of 4 Throw Pillow Covers In Vibrant, Easy-To-Match Colors

If your throw pillows need an upgrade, this set of four throw pillow covers are just what you need, no matter your style of decor. Featuring a whimsical color-block pattern and a soft, polyester velvet finish, these colorful pillows are as comfy as they are eye-catching. The clever chain stitching and hidden zipper makes it harder to tell the pillow insert apart from the cover, while the vibrant piping allows the pillows to maintain their shape. Pretty and practical, these covers are sure to outlive their $33 price point, too.


A Waterproof Shower Curtain That Makes A Stylish Statement

Not only does this shower curtain look incredible (there are four distinctive color patterns to choose from in five different sizes), but it features a special water-resistant technology that makes it dry super quickly. In fact, you don’t even have to use a liner with it. For as durable as the fabric is, it’s also super soft to the touch. The weighted hem keeps it in place to ensure your protection and privacy, too. How is it less than $25?

  • Available styles: 4


This 2-Pack Of Storage Containers That Fit Conveniently Under Your Bed

What does it look like underneath your bed? If you’d rather not answer that, here’s what it could look like: neat and organized — the ultimate space-saver — thanks to this pair of under-bed storage containers. Featuring a sturdy bottom and sides, strong handles, and two thick zippers, these containers can hold up to 20 articles of clothing each — or one large comforter. What’s more, they’ll make your room instantly feel so much bigger. There’s never been an easier way to utilize all of that space under where you sleep.


The Airtight Food Containers That Will Make Your Pantry Organized

An organized home is a happy home, so take a nod from The Home Edit and sort your cereals and other dry ingredients into these airtight food storage containers. These clear containers are large enough for pasta, oats, flours, sugar, or family sized boxes of cereal, and they’re so clean looking. This set of four comes with 16 convenient chalkboard labels so you can easily identify your Cheerios.


This Farmhouse-Chic Towel Holder That Looks Like A Step Ladder

A hanging towel holder that resembles an old-timey country step ladder? If you’re at all into the rustic farmhouse aesthetic, you simply won’t be able to resist this storage rack. Featuring three ladder rungs, a hanging rope, and a charming, faux-distressed finish, this towel rack comes in four neutral colors that will fit seamlessly into your bathroom or kitchen, and with four keyhole brackets so you can easily mount it to the wall.

  • Available colors: 4


These Decorative Faux Palm Leaves That Look Real (& Last Forever)

The great thing about this eight-pack of palm leaves is that you can display them right alongside your favorite flowers or tropical plants, and they’ll look every bit as lifelike. No one will guess that they’re made of plastic and iron wire — or that you scored them for a steal on Amazon. Designed to resemble tropical Areca palm leaves, these bendable, V-shaped palms look just as lovely as a standalone arrangement as they do spread out among various plants and floral arrangements throughout your home. Plus, they’ll never wilt, so you can reuse them multiple times to create all kinds of striking green displays.


A Waterproof Table Cloth That’s As Pretty As It Is Functional

Featuring a lovely embroidery pattern with dainty, dangling pompoms, this cotton linen tablecloth might look fragile, but couldn’t be more durable. Its waterproof coating makes it resistant to spills and fading, and just as suitable to use outside as it is in your kitchen or dining room. It also comes in a range of sizes and pretty patterns, like the light brown plaid pictured, that totally belie how tough it is.

  • Available styles: 6


The Best-Selling String Lights That Make Your Outdoor Space Feel So Inviting

Turn your patio area into a charming French bistro with these outdoor string lights. Available in five color schemes and a range of sizes (25 feet to 100 feet), these dimmable lights feature tiny, energy-saving bulbs and waterproof technology that can take on any weather. They’re also lightweight, portable, and easy to install.

  • Available colors: 5


A Set Of 8 Clear Organizers For Your Pantry & Fridge

If you’re wondering whether you’re going to like this set of eight pantry organizers, look no further than its tough-to-beat 4.8-star score on Amazon. For just $25, these stackable, plastic organizers will help you conserve precious space in your pantry, fridge, or freezer — they can withstand a range of temperatures from -20 to 50 degrees — and improve the presentation of your beverages and produce. They’re also durable, conveniently transparent, and feature built-in handles that make them easier to manage and place.


This Unexpectedly Chic Toilet Paper Roll Made Of Rustic Wood

Designed to resemble a distressed barn door, this farmhouse-chic toilet paper holder will make a charming addition to your bathroom. Its solid wood construction ensures longevity while the sturdy metal roller is attached to deep brackets to keep your TP in place without complicating changing rolls. Plus, it comes with all the hardware you need to make mounting it to your wall a breeze.


These Clever Stick-On Tiles That Give Your Space An Entirely New Look

If you have a few unaddressed cracks and blemishes on your walls at home, or simply want to give your space a new look, these peel-and-stick backsplashes are the solution. They come in six neutral colors and instantly stick to your smooth, hard surfaces — no glue necessary. Specifically designed for your bathroom or kitchen, these eco-friendly tiles are both heat- and moisture-resistant, so you won’t need to worry about them crumbling or falling off. Plus, you get ten sheets for less than $30. Don’t let a little wear around the house freak you out — not with this easy, DIY life-saver at your disposal.

  • Available colors: 6


These Strip Lights That Add Mood Lighting To Any Space

Personalize the lighting by your entertainment system, in your closet, or truly in any space with these Gen Z-approved LED strip lights. They’re easy to hang, even around 90-degree corners, thanks to a flexible strip and 3M tape. From there, you can adjust the lighting to whatever brightness or hue you desire; these LED lights have 10 brightness levels and 15 colors and can be turned on and off or adjusted via remote.


This Set Of Kitchen Canisters With A Vintage, Country-Inspired Design

Keep your flour, sugar, coffee, and tea organized with this set of nesting jars. Featuring a delightful, country-inspired design theme, the metal canisters are charmingly staggered in size and come in over 10 eye-catching colors to complement your kitchen decor. With air-tight lids to keep your consumables fresh, the canisters also boast a hard-to-top 4.8-star Amazon rating, as well as thousands of rave reviews.


A Clever & Attractive Way To Store Your Go-To Kitchen Essentials

This lazy Susan turntable creates the perfect base for your most-used kitchen spices, oils, and condiments. It’s so versatile, though, it could just as easily serve as a display tray for your prettiest beverage sets, or, as a vanity organizer for your cosmetics, creams, and perfumes. Made of genuine acacia wood and available in a range of sizes, this durable tray is guaranteed to last a lifetime. Maintenance is a cinch, too. Simply wipe it down dry from time to time — just don’t soak it in water.


A Sleek Cosmetics Organizer With Over 20,000 5-Star Amazon Ratings

Made of clear, tenacious plastic, this tabletop cosmetics organizer features three large drawers, four smaller drawers, and 16 compartments for your lipstick, mascara, nail polish, and more. It also comes in seven distinctive colors, though the classic clear option, pictured, is a foolproof option for any space.


This Cute Butter Dish With A Lid That Doubles As A Cutting Board

With a vintage look but a budget-friendly price tag, this butter dish adds a touch of farmhouse chic to your kitchen. In addition to keeping your all-important dairy fresh, this stainless steel butter keeper has a removable bamboo lid that turns into a cutting board for you to portion out the perfect pat of butter without dirtying extra dishes.


An Indoor/Outdoor Lantern With Scandi-Chic Vibes

These vintage-inspired lanterns are so charming and detailed (the faux-distressed effect is absolutely delightful), it’s astonishing they’re going for just $5 a pop. Each one comes with a metal frame, gorgeous glass paneling, and a removable lid for inserting a single tea light. Buy them in bulk – they’re available in sizes from small to extra-large — to line the aisles or entryway of a special event, or spread them out throughout your home to add a subtle hint of whimsy.


A Set Of Ultra-Soft, Turkish Towels Made Of 100% Cotton

Colorful, absorbent, and shrink resistant, this set of six Turkish towels is made of 100% cotton and comes in seven distinctive color schemes. The brand guarantees that they’re lighter and quicker to dry than your typical American, terrycloth towel, too — and that they even get softer with each wash. Because they’re so absorbent and fast to dry, they make great beach towels, too.


A Clip On Umbrella Light That Adds Easy Mood Lighting To Your Patio

Add some instant illumination to your backyard with this patio umbrella light. Unlike complicated light string setups, this LED light clips right onto your umbrella pole and stays there with a secure clamp, adding lighting to your patio oasis in mere seconds. Setting your desired mood is a breeze with the included remote that allows you to dim the lights and set a timer.


This Trio Of Mini Marbled Planters For Your Succulents

Could these ceramic planters be any more delightful? Available in three distinctive styles including marble, pictured, these planters are designed to showcase your smaller succulents and look good wherever you put them, from your desk to your windowsill. Each pot conveniently comes with a built-in drainage system and an attractive bamboo saucer at the base, too. Maybe the best part: You get three for less than $20.

  • Available styles: 3


A Set Of 3 Nesting Trays Made Of Gorgeous, Natural Wood

Add some rustic charm to your kitchen and living room decor with these wooden serving trays. Available in blue, white, and brown (pictured), these biodegradable trays are made of natural paulownia wood and boast a smooth, slightly worn finish. They come in sets of three — for less than $40, that’s a veritable steal — and can be used for a variety of household purposes, from serving your guests to decorating your coffee table. Plus, with their clever nesting design, they stick together and save you space. An absolute must-have to amp up the comfy factor of your home.

  • Available colors: 3


This Fluffy, Faux-Fur Rug That Looks & Feels Amazing

One look at this faux-sheepskin rug and you can just feel how luxurious it is. Chances are, though, you’d never guess that it’s so affordable, and neither will anyone else. Made from artificial Mongolian fur and boasting a durable, leather-like base, the rug comes in 18 vibrant colors and a range of sizes to complement and elevate your favorite rooms in the house. Easy to maintain and wash, this rug will provide you with so much wear, you just might want to stock up.

  • Available colors: 18


A Self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum At A Pretty Amazing Price

Robot vacuums are one of the best ways to make your home look better without any effort, but the most popular models tend to cost upward of $300. That’s what makes this ILIFE vacuum such a steal — it can be yours for less than $150, thanks to Amazon. Specifically designed to clean hair, dirt, and other debris from your hard-surface floors, this handy robot vacuum knows its way under your furniture and can give you up to 100 minutes of run time. You can program the battery-powered vacuum to run on its own or operate it with the included remote control. It’s also self-charging and senses when to avoid bumps and falls. Maintenance is also a breeze; you just need to replace its filter every month. Before long, this sleek little gadget just might become your new best friend.


This Touch-Control Lamp With A Built-In USB Port

With over 8,000 five-star Amazon ratings, this minimalist desk lamp keeps winning over customers for its value, brightness, and fuss-free assembly. It offers three brightness options you can adjust with the touch of your hand, and boasts a dual USB port for charging your phone and other appliances. The best-seller also comes in nine modern-looking colors and with a lovely, light-softening fabric shade. As one top Amazon reviewer put it, “buy this now.”

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