Tiffany Lamps Have Gen Z In A Chokehold

Out with the new.

by Jessie Quinn
tiffany lamp trend
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Stained glass is a decor trend that dates back to the 7th century, and its kaleidoscope-like colors and designs continue to captivate today. This is especially true for Tiffany lamps, a stained glass lighting style that radiates nostalgia. For some, these antique lamps bring up memories of one’s grandparents’ homes, full of tchotchkes and clashing patterns. But their history is actually much deeper and richer than that.

Tiffany lamps date back to the late 19th century and were originally created by Louis Comfort Tiffany, the son of Tiffany & Co. founder Charles Lewis Tiffany. These lamps were handcrafted by artisans in his studio, including Clara Driscoll, who created some of Tiffany’s first and most valuable designs. A symbol of the Art Nouveau era, the lamps were made using colored glass and a copper foil technique that was developed by Tiffany Studios and is still used by stained glass artists today.

With their rich history and impressive craftsmanship, some could argue that Tiffany lamps never fully went out of style. However, Gen Z has recently given this timeless and iconic lighting the mic again, likely because of its association to a more analog era, when social media didn’t exist (nostalgia is a big draw to the TikTok generation). From old pizza parlors and local dives decked out in stained glass signage and decor, the trend symbolizes a simpler moment in time.


According to Alex Bass, an interior designer, art curator, and founder of fine art and interior design studio Salon 21, the comeback of Tiffany lamps comes at a time when we’re shifting “away from super contemporary trends and adding more personality and character to the home.” It’s also connected to the dopamine decor craze on TikTok, which is all about designing a space that makes you feel happy and boosts your mood.

Additionally, using antiques to make a statement in the home is becoming increasingly popular as people are seeking more sustainable and durable alternatives to fast furniture and decor. “I think people are tired of how cheaply things are made these days and are seeking craftsmanship and quality again,” says Bethany Struble, a lead designer at Totum Home.

Whether you’re looking to add moody accent lighting to a dark corner or a pop of color to your space, Tiffany lamps are a chic way to do so. Depending on your style, you can lean into the nostalgic vibes of this trend and blend a Tiffany-style lamp (or the real deal!) with other vintage finds, or mix in some modern pieces to create a trendy decor moment. Either way, your lighting will surely be a conversation starter.

Ahead, some tips on how to easily work the lighting trend into your home, no matter your aesthetic.

Mix Old & New

Tiffany lamps automatically lend themselves to an eclectic, vintage style. But, if you don’t want your space to feel like an antique mall, Struble says mixing classic pieces (like the lamp) with more contemporary, sleek items to create a unique look. You can also keep things simple by making the lamps the sole point of interest on a more modern, geometric piece of furniture. “You can style the lamp minimally on a side table or put it in the corner of your kitchen for an interesting but trendy way to use lamps,” she explains. “Tiffany lamps are statement pieces, so let them stand out by not cluttering them.”

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Curate A Layered Decor Look

Try displaying several decor items at once, with your Tiffany lamp as a complement to similar, artsy pieces. “Create vignettes around the lamp by leaning some art against a wall behind it and stacking books next to it with an object or candle on top,” she explains. Since most Tiffany-style lamps have a moodier look to them and don’t give off a lot of light, Struble recommends using them as accent lighting on a side table or credenza when creating this look.

Consider The Color Palette

Tiffany lamps are usually quite colorful, so they offer a fun excuse to play with different tones in your home decor. “Pull the colors of the glass into other areas in the space to really tie it all together,” says Struble. She recommends accent pieces such as a throw pillow, blanket, or small framed artwork in a similar color palette as your antique lamp.

Where To Buy Tiffany Lamps

Estate sales, flea markets, and antique malls are some of the best places to find authentic Tiffany lamps. You can also look on online vintage retailers like 1stDibs and Chairish. To tell if the lamp is real, Struble says to check for the Tiffany logo and serial number and consider the overall weight and patina of the piece. “The bronze will patina over time to a green or brown color,” she notes. It’s also worth looking closely at the glass to see if it’s actually colored or if it’s been painted since authentic Tiffany lamps use real colored glass, and dupes are often painted to save on production costs.

If you are on a budget or love the look but aren’t concerned about authenticity, online retailers such as Amazon, Target, and Wayfair carry lots of Tiffany-style lamps for sale. Etsy also has a collection of stained glass lamps that have a similar vibe, including some handmade styles (such as this gorgeous blue opal lamp). Also, keep an eye out for artisans like Autumn Casey who are putting a fresh spin on the traditional piece.