The Most Stylish Fall Home Decor Pieces You Can Get On Walmart
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As the seasons change and we begin to cozy up for cooler days, there’s no better time to update your home with new fall decor. And if the appeal of a refreshed home doesn’t magically put you in the redecorating mood, then consider this: One study shows that decluttering our spaces and creating living areas that we view as restorative can actually have a positive impact on mental health. (Finally, a scientific explanation for the never-ending urge to scroll through Pinterest.)

As for the transformational power of fall home decor, the possibilities are endless. There’s no need to concentrate on a total room redesign; instead, opt for simple touches you can add to your bedroom, kitchen, and patio that will brighten up the space — while doing the same for your mood.

Whether you’re planning on a bigger purchase like a new bed frame or sofa, or you would rather start with smaller solutions like wall art or kitchenware, Walmart has quality and affordable pieces that will easily revitalize your home. Keep scrolling for a few of our favorite products perfect for getting your home ready for fall.

Cheerful Pillar Candles

This three-pack of pillar candles is the little something your bookshelf, coffee table, or tablescape has been missing. Keep them together as a set or pop them into a few separate areas around the house to brighten up any space.

The Prettiest Way To Actually Stay Organized

This functional accessory will help ensure your cleaning efforts actually last through the next few seasons. With a handy turntable design, this organizer allows you to easily see all of the products it stores.

The Prettiest Cottagecore Tumblers

These tumblers from the Pioneer Woman collection come in several hues to choose from, including this cheery blue.

A Classic-Yet-Trendy Bed Frame

If you’re not in the market to make over your entire bedroom but still want a little refresh, this classic white bed frame may be for you. The iron design works alongside any decor aesthetic, and the neutral color will play off of any current (or future!) bedding trends.

A Planter That Keeps The Focus On Your Greenery

Every plant parent needs a hanging planter in their home. This simple style will look great whether it’s placed outside on your balcony or hanging inside your living room. (Plus, it’s a great excuse to buy more plants!)

The Most Picturesque Leaning Mirror

A large floor mirror is not only necessary for fall outfit selfies, but it can really open up a room and trick the eye into making a space appear bigger. Prop this one into a bedroom corner, hang it along a blank living room wall, or use it as a functional and beautiful focal point in a guest room.

A Coffee Table That Can Brighten Any Space

A simple piece of furniture like a coffee table can breathe new life into your living room. This round table features a stylish marble design on top with a glass bottom shelf that you can store magazines or photography books on.

A Vibrant Dinnerware Set

Step up your entertaining game at your next dinner party with this colorful dinnerware set, which will surely have your guests practicing “phone eats first” behavior.

A Desk Chair That Doesn’t Look Like A Desk Chair

Miss the function of your office swivel chair, but don’t miss the clunky design? This tufted option with a swivel back, adjustable height, and rollable legs is a pretty pick (at an impressive price) that can make any home office space just a dash more enjoyable to be in.

The Perfect Velvet Couch For Small Spaces

A brand-new couch is one of the best and biggest ways to switch things up during your home refresh. This stylish three-seater sofa comes in a variety of colors and materials, but trendy green velvet is our pick for fall.

A Comforter Set That Makes Bedroom Upgrades Easy

This ruffled comforter set is a cottagecore fan’s purest dream. This comfy cloud-like bedding will help anyone achieve that enviable eight-hour snooze.

A Simple & Impactful Patio Upgrade

When you’re redecorating, make sure you don’t forget about your patio or backyard. Adding some new seating, like this rattan chair, will get you ready for outdoor activities this fall and beyond.

A Vintage-Inspired Dinnerware Set

If you’re someone who likes to cook, you’ve probably already started bookmarking a few fall-friendly recipes. Now’s the time to get yourself some new dishware, and this on-trend jadeite style will make your food look even tastier.

The Candle Worthy Of The Spotlight

Want a simple way to rejuvenate your home without a lot of work? Pick up some new candles in undeniably fall-friendly scents. Opt for musks, gourmands, and vanillas over fresh summer florals.

The Large-Scale Solution For An Entirely New Look

Swapping out your multi-color rug for this neutral braided version is the quickest and easiest way to change a room’s visual direction. Available in four sizes and nine different colors, this affordable rug easily lends itself to boho, modern organic, and minimalistic design trends.

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