Staycation Ideas For Labor Day Weekend

For those of us who have spent a good portion of the summer basking in the glow of fluorescent lights rather than sunshine, Labor Day is the final opportunity to frolic outdoors and put hard-earned airline miles to good use. But for some the upcoming three-day weekend is reserved for one thing and one thing only: a gloriously labor-less staycation.

Whether it’s because you prefer to lounge on your couch rather than flying in coach, or the thought of diving into a Netflix queue is more appealing than wrestling your way through airport security lines, staying put is a decision we wholeheartedly support. Herewith, everything you need to achieve maximum relaxation on your staycation.

Zen Out While Staying In

Design by Homepolish, Photos by Tessa Neustadt for Homepolish

Lazy Labor Day Loungewear

When maximum comfort is the goal, opt for a subtly sexy onesie layered with a cozy cashmere robe. A quirky eye mask is as practical as it is pretty—slipping one on allows you to snooze in style.

Lay Out In Your Living Room

Transform your home into a private paradise with the help of a neroli-scented candle. Take the exotic theme one step further with a tropical perfume and an all-over dry oil that leaves behind a sun-kissed glow—zero UVB exposure required.

Breakfast In Bed

Enjoying breakfast in bed is preferred when prepping for a day of doing a whole lot of nothing. Bonus points for convincing a significant other to serve it to you—room service-style—on a fancy tray.

Sweet Sweats

If venturing outside of the house is simply unavoidable, stylish sweats and cool kicks are a socially acceptable step up from pajamas that allow you to stay well within your comfort zone.