The Best Ways To While Away Thanksgiving Day

It’s Thanksgiving Day, which means it’s time for family, football and—most importantly—food, food, food. But if you’re relatives can be overwhelming, you don’t like sports and you’ve eaten enough for the next week, maybe it’s time to explore other ways to while away the holiday. From a vintage board game to a beautiful deck of cards to a do-it-yourself jewelry kit, we found 8 creative ideas for enjoying a day of rest, relaxation and pumpkin pie.

It's All Fun And Games

Who wouldn't love to spend Thanksgiving traversing the City of Light? Do just that without having to leave the comfort of your living room thanks to this Paris map puzzle from Piq Products.

Add a pop of color to your day with Fredericks and Mae's fun take on a classic domino set. Instead of dots, the pieces boast nautical flags.

The only thing more fun that wearing glitzy accessories is making them yourself. For The Makers stocks their site with tons of fun DIY kits to keep your inner crafter busy for hours.

Can you hear that? It's your childhood calling! Mystery Date is one of our favorite throwback board games, and this one from Urban Outfitters is designed to look like the real thing.

Put your free time to good use and finally learn how to play chess. Bonus points for doing so using this stunning Scali Salvatore alabaster set.

Love nothing more than a hand-knit scarf or beanie? Us too. Why not get in on the action with a Wool and the Gang beginners kit, complete with everything you need to master the fine art of knitting (which is totally having a cool-girl moment by the way).

Leave it to Jonathan Adler to take simple playing cards and transform them into something that doubles as décor.

This Alexandra von Furstenberg backgammon set is way too chic to put away once the game is over. We suggest leaving it on the coffee table for houseguests to ogle.