Silver Home Decor Is Back — And It’s Cooler Than Ever

Time for a modern upgrade.

by Jessie Quinn
silver home decor
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For the past decade or so, it seems gold and brass have been the metals of the moment in the interior design world, closely aligned to the fashion cycle that’s placed them at the forefront. But the tides could be turning. With 2000s fashion having a full-circle moment, so are the cool steely tones of the early aughts and late ‘90s, paving the way for a prominent silver home decor trend.

“Silver and gold like to fight for the spotlight every year, and this year, silver has won,” says Bethany Struble, lead designer at Totum Home. She explains that this recent victory is a direct correlation to runway shows of recent seasons — think the silver brooch trends that dominated the Fall/Winter 2024 runways of Miu Miu, Chanel, and Tory Burch and the silver statement necklaces and earrings seen at Prabal Gurung and Carolina Herrera, respectively — that now has consumers embracing the shimmering silver tones.

Although silver may have once been associated with wealth and status, Struble says, this time around, it feels a bit more casual and approachable compared to gold (especially if you lean toward shiny finishes) and this modern take on the metal has more of a laidback edge to it.

“I think it connotes something futuristic,” says Alex Bass, an interior designer, art curator, and founder of Salon 21, a fine art and interior design studio, drawing comparison to the decor of the Space Race era of 1950s and 1960s, which had a silver-clad, futuristic look.

Embracing this trend is all about incorporating subtle accents that can elevate your space through their shimmering finish. From accent lighting to shelving, here’s how Bass and Struble say to embrace the classic metal.

How To Decorate With Silver Pieces


Small Touches

When trying new trends, it always helps to start small. Bass says one of the best ways to dip into silver aesthetics is to add small touches here and there, whether it be through barware, picture frames, planters, or even accent lighting. “I love adding a silver table lamp to a space — it creates a visual interest without being too much,” Bass notes.

Add Dimension Through Shelving

“Silver is also reflective, so it’s a fun way to add dimension to a space,” Bass explains. To up the ante on dimension while still keeping things subtle, she recommends adding silver etageres to your space or using similar-looking items like side tables or even serving trays as decor items.


Accent mirrors automatically have a silver touch to them, so they’re an easy way to add this cool metallic tone to your space. Bass says to take this a step further and choose mirrors with silver frames. “Having a silver border makes it more decorative,” she explains, noting that mirrors also help a space appear larger. You can also incorporate more metallic tones in your wall art through framing. (And, if you do go for a silver frame, be sure to include a silver picture light to elevate the finished piece.)

Cabinet Knobs & Drawer Pulls

Your cabinets and dresser drawers are another easy way to lean into a trend. To add more silver tones to your space, Struble recommends swapping out your cabinet knobs and drawer pulls for the cool-toned metallic.

Mixing Metals

Decorating with silver doesn’t mean you need to swap out all of your gold and brass accents. Instead, finding a balance between the various tones can be chic — just like it is with your jewelry.

“Mixing metals is easier than you might think,” says Struble. Since silver has a more neutral tone, it’s easy to pair with most other metal finishes, and you don’t have to think too hard to create a balance — not just in metallics but in your overall decor look. “Silver and gold together open up a lot of opportunity to style with warm and cool tones in the same space,” Struble explains.

When decorating with mixed metals, Bass recommends finding pieces that you love and that fit the same aesthetic to ensure they pair together seamlessly, even if they have different tones. And, if you want to embrace the current style without it feeling too trendy, she says to look for vintage brass and silver pieces at antique malls and thrift stores for a more timeless look that will never go out of style.