65 Shockingly Inexpensive Things That Look Great In Your Home

Timeless finds for a curated look.

Written by Cianna Garrison
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Finding the right items to elevate your space is tricky — they should be stylish but functional while also fitting your aesthetic. You might be surprised by these thoughtful home upgrades that will add the elevated touches you’re looking for. From stylish organization to natural wood pieces, this list includes 65 items that will make a big difference in your home for less than you’d expect to spend.


A Set Of Stoneware Colanders With A Chic, Irregular Shape & Handles

These stoneware colanders have irregular shapes with chic little handles on top to elevate your tabletop. Pair them with berries or snacking veggies, and stack them up when you’re finished. Plus, each colander features a gorgeous cream glaze that varies due to the firing process.


An Outlet Cover With A Custom-Looking Night-Light On The Base

These outlet covers have a built-in night-light on the bottom to gently illuminate rooms, hallways, or countertops at night. Its built-in sensor will automatically detect when the room is dark and emit a warm white light at the base of the outlet. It will also turn off automatically at dawn. It also comes in four colors to easily match the outlet cover style you prefer.


These Lustrous Satin Pillowcases That Come In Over 35 Colors

This satin pillowcase set is a bedding addition that may help improve your hair and skin since it’s designed to be gentle. They feature an envelop closure that will keep them in place on your pillow. These silky fabric cases also come in over 35 colors, and they’re machine washable.


A Stackable Kitchen Rack That Instantly Adds Stylish Storage

This versatile and stackable kitchen rack features a white powder-coated steel base and an ashwood top. Store spices, dishes, and other kitchen items underneath the shelf, then load the top with up to 8 pounds of items. The racks are also stackable — one on top of another creates a tiered storage solution.


These Elevated Night-Lights With Dusk-To-Dawn Sensors

Automate your nighttime lighting with these elevated LED night-lights. They have dusk-to-dawn sensors that intelligently turn the lights on at dusk and off at dawn. Each night-light also has a gentle, warm-white light that fans out from the top and bottom, and the brightness is adjustable.


These Decorative Hand Towels With Hand-Tied Tassels

Woven from soft, absorbent cotton, these hand towels feature an elegant pattern and a cream stripe. Hand-tied fringe and tassels accent the bottom to finish the look. The brand also says they’re made in Turkey by weavers who use traditional weaving methods.


This Set Of Glass Dispensers To Store Coffee Syrups

This set of glass syrup dispensers is an easy way to display your go-to coffee syrups. Fill them with syrup and toss store-bought plastic bottles. The glass design has sturdy, weighted bottoms and glossy, BPA-free pumps that consistently dispense half a teaspoon of syrup per pump. They also come with minimalist pre-made labels for flavors like caramel and French vanilla.


These Velvet Hangers That Hold Onto Slippery Fabrics & Thin Straps

These velvet hangers are slimmer than traditional hangers, so they’ll save some space in your closet. Their material is nonslip, so even slippery fabrics and thin straps will stay put. Each hanger also has versatility, with a bottom bar for pants and a small top bar for hanging ties or scarves.


This Stacking Basket For Keeping Produce Fresh & Organized

With mesh siding, this breathable stacking basket is a handy companion for produce storage, whether on a countertop or in your fridge. It features a built-in carrying handle and an adjustable plastic divider to customize the two compartments to the size you need. And if you get multiples, they’re stackable.


These Flickering Flames Candles With A 350-Hour Battery Life

These glass flameless candles feature real candle wax and faux wicks that flicker like flames. Meanwhile, they have a convenient remote control, so you can easily dim the flames, and a 350-hour battery life. A three-pack also comes with stair-stepped heights for easy styling.


These Stainless Steel Shelves That Fit In Kitchens & Bathrooms

These shower shelves have an understated design that’s a versatile fit for bathrooms, showers, or even kitchens. Each shelf adheres to tile, marble, or glass and can hold up to 20 pounds of self-care items and toiletries. They also have built-in drainage and come in four different colors.


This Stylized Sculptural Coffee Mug With A Matching Saucer

This stylized ceramic coffee mug features a chunky, sculptural look and comes with a matching saucer. Its 12-ounce capacity is perfect for lattes, tea, or hot coffee. Its shape, combined with the matte cream color of the ceramic, makes it look more like sculptural art than a mug.


An Absorbent Bath Mat To Keep Bathroom Floors Dry

This absorbent bath mat has a soft faux-suede finish on top that dries water droplets quickly. A few minutes after you’ve stepped out onto it, water quickly disappears from its surface as it’s absorbed into the spongy layer. The bottom layer is also made of a leakproof, nonslip rubber.


A 3-Legged Ceramic Fruit Bowl For A Functional Conversation Piece

With a minimalist matte cream shade and three legs, this ceramic food bowl has a one-of-a-kind sculptural design that’s still functional. Fill it with your favorite fruit and keep it on your kitchen table, or use it as a jewelry or entryway bowl. This stylized bowl holds up to 10 ounces.


The Coffee Mat That Absorbs Liquid & Hides Stains

This stain-hiding coffee mat is designed to absorb drips of coffee and spills within 10 seconds, making them invisible. It also hides stains, so it doesn’t require cleaning very often. Its leakproof backing also keeps liquid in the mat and off your countertop.


A Set Of Versatile Glass Jars For Storing Dry Goods

These glass jars are versatile for pantry ingredients and kitchen essentials. These 75-ounce jars feature two flattened sides to display them vertically or lean them on their sides for easy access. Food freshness also isn’t a worry — the screw-on lids provide an airtight seal.


A Half-Gallon Glass Pitcher That Prevents Spills

This glass pitcher makes it easy to mix up drink recipes, cap it, and serve. The half-gallon design pairs with sangria, iced tea, lemonade, and more while easily fitting in the fridge. Its leakproof design is also perfect for pouring without any spills on your counter.


A Steel Magnetic Spice Rack That Looks Minimalist On The Refrigerator

Stick this magnetic spice rack on the side of your refrigerator and fill it with up to 3 pounds of spice containers of other small kitchen essentials. Its white body features lightweight alloy steel and will match any kitchen decor. Its low-profile bar also keeps everything secure when you open the refrigerator.


These Solar Ground Lights To Illuminate Landscaping & Paths

These solar ground lights have sturdy plastic stakes you can insert into the ground to create a well-lit pathway or to illuminate landscaping. Each warm-white light has eight built-in LEDs surrounded by a stainless steel panel that won’t rust or corrode in the rain — the build is completely weatherproof. They’re also available in blue and multicolor options.


These Steel Hanging Storage Baskets That Seamlessly Organize Small Spaces

These steel hanging storage baskets are a minimalist solution for small spaces. They offer convenient storage for bathroom, laundry, or kitchen items and are easy to install. Apply the adhesive backing strips with hooks, then wait 24 hours until you attach the baskets. Once hung, each basket holds up to 11 pounds of items.


These Dimmable Wireless Lights That Hide Underneath Cabinets

These wireless and dimmable LED lights are easy to hide underneath kitchen cabinets with the included screws or adhesive tape. Once installed, each battery-powered light lasts for up to 100 hours. Meanwhile, a remote control also gives you customization options like a dimmer and auto-off timers.


A Timeless Rattan Serving Tray That’s Also Functional

This round serving tray is crafted from hand-woven rattan and will make any countertop or surface look stylized. It has sturdy wooden handles and a spacious surface for serving. It’s also easy to clean, so you can even place it on a bathroom counter with toiletries or on a sideboard with aesthetic vases or pottery.


A Brushed Stainless Steel Utensil Holder That’s Helpfully Oversized

This stainless steel utensil holder features a brushed finish and an oversized design to hold as many utensils as you need. Its sleek design will pair with any countertop, and it’s sturdy to prevent any tipping. It can also go in the dishwasher if it ever gets dirty on the counter.


These Glass Carafe Pitchers That Look Elevated On Your Table

These glass carafes are made of thick, durable glass with a plastic lid for storage. They have an elegant design that will look elevated in your fridge and on the table. The design also makes sense ergonomically — the contoured neck makes it easy to grip and pour drinks without spilling.


This Woven Basket With That Makes Storage Decorative

Whether you put this rope storage basket in your living room or bathroom, it will look more like decor than functional storage. Its tightly knit material is a flexible, durable cotton blend. It’s also in more than five color options, so you’ll find a woven storage option that fits every room.


A Complete Bathroom Set With A Timeless Stone Design

This set of black bathroom accessories looks like stone, but it’s actually made from durable, washable polyresin. It includes everything you need to unify your bathroom decor — a toothbrush holder, a vanity tray, a soap dispenser, a tumbler for brushes, and two apothecary jars for Q-tips or cotton balls. There are also over five stone colors to choose from.


A Gorgeous Acacia Wood Breadboard That Catches Crumbs

This gorgeous acacia wood breadboard elevates your kitchen while making prep less messy. Below the board is a catch tray that catches bread crumbs as you slice. Its durable acacia wood will last and last, but it’s also designed to not damage your knives every time you serve bread.


A Cotton Waffle-Weave Blanket That’s Breathable & Moisture-Wicking

This waffle-weave blanket is made of a cotton blend that’s buttery soft without feeling heavy. One reviewer called it “the softest blanket [they’ve] ever had” and added that it’s “lightweight enough for summer.” It comes in over 15 colors and five sizes to suit your tastes, and the fabric also has moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool at night.


A Set Of Woven Storage Baskets With Versatile Styling Options

These hanging storage baskets have a sturdy jute material, and each basket comes with a leather hanging loop. Mount them on a wall to create an eclectic design. They’re structured enough to style on a countertop but versatile enough to style on a wall. They also have a reinforced handle to easily hold onto whatever you style in them.


These Under-Bed Storage Bags For Tidy Extra Storage

Load these under-bed storage bags full of clothing and bedding, and it will still look tidy. Each bag has tear-proof, reinforced handles and a clear plastic cover to show what’s inside. At just 6 inches tall, they easily fit under a bed or tucked in your closet.


These Shaded Wall Sconces For Elegant Accent Lighting

Whether you install these wall sconces in your bedroom or living room, they’ll add an elegant ambiance for a surprisingly low price. A pair of sconces features white fabric shades and luxe gold metal bases with universal mounting plates. Screw in any standard E26 light bulb, and you have built-in lighting.


These Adjustable Salt & Pepper Shakers That Feel Professional

These salt and pepper shakers look professional enough to keep on your kitchen counter or table. Inside, the shakers have adjustable ceramic grinders that allow you to get your spice as coarse or as fine as you’d like without any clogs. A simple twist of the stainless steel tops dispenses your preferred spice.


This Timeless Olive Wood Salt Jar To Style Your Countertop

This olive wood spice jar is compact enough to display anywhere on your countertop. Its pot and lid are handcrafted, and each jar has a unique wood grain. While compact, it can hold over 8 ounces of spice and would also work well as a bathroom storage jar.


This Chic Glass Honey Dispenser That Eliminates Messy Drips

While honey bottles usually have a sticky residue on the lids, this chic glass honey dispenser has a practical design. When not in use, this honeycomb-shaped dispenser sits on a glass holder, so any drips stay inside. To drizzle honey onto waffles or other foods, use the push-to-dispense mechanism on the handle.


A Wireless & Chic Mini Lamp With Touch Controls

This wireless touch-sensor mini lamp has a metallic gold finish and mushroom-style top that looks far more expensive than it is. Charge it via USB, and then a simple tap turns it on. Additional taps allow you to switch between three brightness levels, and it’s easy to move it around your house — wire-free.


This Set Of Olive Wood Utensils That Are Handcrafted

Each utensil in this olive wood utensil set is handmade from a solid piece of olive wood, with the wood grain running the length of it. The set includes helpful utensils like a slotted spatula, a flat spatula, a curved spatula, a spoon, and a corner spoon — each with a unique wood pattern.


These Clear Plastic Storage Bins For Tidy Storage

These plastic storage bins will help you organize your pantry or laundry area. Each bin is made of durable, shatterproof plastic and has two wide handles that are easy to grip. Their transparency also makes it easy to find what you need, while their spaciousness fits all kinds of clutter.


These Space-Saving Hangers That Add Vertical Closet Space

These durable, space-saving hangers have a slim, vertical design that holds up to five hangers each. You can also double up and hang five more hangers through the holes, so you could realistically hang 10 items on each hanger. They’re perfect for storing seasonal outfits and jeans or pairing pieces together.


An Acacia Wood Cheese Board That’s Versatile For All Kinds Of Serving

This wooden cheese board is 100% acacia wood, making it the perfect surface for serving a charcuterie or snack board, and it has plenty of space at 17 inches long. Caring for it is easy, too — just hand wash it and protect it with a mineral oil rub.


A Hanging Purse Organizer That Keeps Your Bags Accessible

Storing bags can be tricky, but this hanging purse organizer hangs in your closet and fits up to eight purses. The transparent vinyl pockets make it easy to see your bags, while the covering keeps them free of dust. The hook also has 360-degree rotation, so each side is also easily accessible.


These Glass Oil & Vinegar Cruets With Easy-To-Drizzle Tops

These cooking oil cruets feature sturdy glass bottles with weighted bottoms and gold-tone pour spouts. Each one has a simple flip-to-open mechanism for dispensing or drizzling oil and vinegar. They also come with labels to pair with your favorite oils and different types of vinegar.


These Linen Closet Organizers That Neatly Conceal Stacks Of Clothing

With a breathable linen fabric construction, these closet organizers will keep stacks of clothes and linens fresh while concealing them into neat bins. Each bin is over a foot tall and has a velcro front panel that you can pull down to access items when needed.


These Makeup Remover Washcloths That Hide Makeup Stains

Instead of buying wasteful wipes, these makeup remover washcloths offer a more sustainable alternative, and they look nice on the counter. They’re made 100% cotton, and each plush washcloth is black, so the material hides makeup stains. With the word “makeup” embroidered on them, they’re also a nice addition to a guest room or toiletry kit.


These Adjustable Bamboo Drawer Dividers For Neater Kitchen Drawers

Tidy kitchen drawers with these expandable bamboo drawer dividers, which adjust to fit and create neat compartments. Each divider has nonslip pads on the ends to hold it securely in place, while the spring-loaded interior makes it easy to adjust to fit drawer lengths up to 22 inches.


These Reusable Dishcloths That Look Nicer Than A Roll Of Paper Towels

This pack of long-lasting reusable dishcloths comes with three patterned options and two simple white options that will look nice in your kitchen or bathroom. This absorbent pack can go in your dishwasher or washing machine to refresh them. These compact, compostable cloths also look better than paper towels on the countertop.


A Timeless Glass Drink Dispenser That Holds 1 Gallon Of Your Favorite

Make your favorite lemonade, cucumber water, batch of cold brew or other drinks, and store it in this glass drink dispenser. It holds a gallon of liquid and features a timeless jar design with a leakproof spigot. The large mouth of the thick glass container also makes it easy to add whole pieces of fruit to infuse beverages with flavor.


This Chic Candle Warmer Lamp That Extends The Life Of Your Candles

Stick a scented candle on the wooden base of this candle warmer lamp, then adjust the halogen bulb’s brightness to control its melting speed. The bulb will evenly melt the wax to release the scent without a flame. This means no more unpleasant smoke and more control over the lifetime of your candle.


This Sleek Desk Organizer For Neat Desks Or Nightstands

This organizer has a modern minimalist look and a sleek white steel compartment tray on the bottom, which can hold items like office supplies, keys, jewelry, and more. The top features two compartments for tall items, such as glasses or remotes. There's also an ash wood platform for storing other items.


A Citrus-Scented Reed Oil Diffuser With A Timeless Glass Container

Whether you style this reed oil diffuser in your bathroom, bedroom, or living room, it will put off a long-lasting aroma of sugared citrus and tropical fruits. It comes with a deep blue tinted glass jar that will elevate any countertop. You can also adjust the timeless scent by changing up the reed placement or adding more.


A Hidden Garbage Bag Dispenser With A Storage Tray

This garbage bag dispenser has a padded steel bracket to hang over a cabinet door, concealing the dispenser inside a cabinet. To load it with bags, remove the top storage tray and put in a roll of standard 13-gallon garbage bags. A large front slot makes bags easy to pull out when needed, and there’s a small shelf on top.


An In-Drawer Organizer To Tuck Away Plastic Bags

This sturdy bamboo bag storage organizer fits inside a kitchen drawer and replaces cardboard box clutter. Slide the lid forward, then load bags into the four spacious slots. Their corresponding labels will also make it easy to quickly identify the different bag sizes in your drawer.


This Dried Pampas Grass Bouquet That Looks Curated

This dried pampas grass bouquet features 96 pieces of grass, including grasses in shades of white, brown, beige, and dark red, for a curated centerpiece. After removing it from the package, leave it in the sun for four hours and spray it with hairspray to set it. It’ll look perfectly fluffy for up to three years.


These Durable Under-Sink Organizers That Save So Much Space

These tiered under-sink organizers feature a tiered shelf design that adds usable vertical space. Each organizer features durable plastic, rustproof support tubes, and four hanging hooks. The spacious trays have plenty of room for soaps, cleaners, towels, and more. They also have hidden drainage holes, so they’re also perfect for damp sponges.


A Wireless Picture Light That Lets You Customize Its Glow

With three color temperature settings and adjustable brightness, this wireless picture light gives you total control over how you illuminate your artwork. It’s lightweight design screws easily into a wall with the included hardware. Once it’s up, you can even set an auto-off timer with the remote control.


These Decorative Storage Boxes With Fabric & Vegan Leather

Elevate your organization game with these decorative storage boxes. Each sleek organizer features a sturdy paperboard wrapped in white cloth topped with a vegan leather lid. Use them to tidy up your closet and display them in a neat stack. They also come in other chic neutrals like black, brown, and gray.


This Set Of Sculptural Ceramic Vases You Style Together Or Apart

Display this set of ceramic vases separately or link the smaller vase through the larger vase to create a sculptural centerpiece. They work well for small floral arrangements or pampas grass bouquets, and their matte off-white color makes them an obvious fit for pretty much any decor.


These Scalloped Throw Pillow Covers That Come In 10 Colors

These 100% cotton throw pillow covers feature a unique scalloped edge that harkens back to vintage trends and adds a bit of chic of texture. The scallops have a crisp design that keeps their shape, and each cover has a neatly hidden zipper on the back. They also come in 10 color choices like sage green, lilac, and coral red, and more.


These Nesting Prep Bowls & Lids With A Minimalist Design

These prep bowls come as an eight-piece set that features four dishwasher-safe bowls and matching leakproof lids. While their nesting design saves space, their ombre design adds some minimalist color to any kitchen. Their sizes range from under 1/2 a quart to just over 2 quarts.


This Stove-Friendly Glass Teapot With A Removable Tea Infuser

Whether you want to enjoy a loose-leaf tea blend or a blooming tea, this all-in-one glass teapot will help you brew it. It features dishwasher-safe borosilicate glass, a 40-ounce capacity, and a removable stainless steel tea infuser. It’s also safe to use directly on the stove.


A Motion-Activated Bed Light That Detects Movement Within 11 Feet

This motion-activated bed light turns on when it detects motion within 11.8 feet to illuminate your room in a soft glow. It has a customizable auto-off timer that’s programmable between 30 seconds and 10 minutes, so shutoff is hands-free. The LED is also a warm white, which is easier on the eyes at night.


A Stylized Incense Holder That Catches Ash

Secure an incense stick into the metal arm of this incense holder, and you can enjoy the aroma of incense without the mess, as a cylinder of glass directs any falling ash into the wooden base. The holder also has a minimalist design that looks sophisticated.


This Decorative Metal Blanket Ladder To Display Blankets Or Towels

This blanket ladder adds a fun, modern touch to your space while reducing clutter. Use it in a bathroom as a towel rack, keep blankets on it in your living room, or use it as a laundry room drying rack. It comes with mounting hardware, and its metal body is rust-resistant.


The Bamboo Laundry Hamper With An Elegant Cloth Body

This collapsible laundry hamper has a timeless construction and a large capacity to take care of a lot of laundry. A sturdy bamboo frame makes up the body, white cloth lines the outside, and a removable inner bag holds up to 22 gallons of clothing.


This Frosted Window Film That Blocks UV Rays & Gives You Privacy

This window film has an easy-to-install, adhesive-free design made to look like real frosted glass. It’s available in 15 sizes and is trimmable to fit your space. Water is all you need to smooth it onto a window and benefit from blocked UV rays and instant privacy.


These BPA-Free Glass Storage Jars For A Cohesive Pantry

These glass food storage jars have a timeless design that will make your pantry look cohesive. They feature heat-resistant glass, a wide mouth for easy pouring, and a bamboo lid with an airtight silicone seal. Multiple sizes, from 15 to 75 ounces, make it easy to store spices and pasta.