The Most Compatible Sign For You, According To An Astrologist

Have you ever noticed that the bulk of your friendships seem to be limited to just a few different astrological signs? For example, you’ll celebrate ten birthdays in May and then none until September? This is definitely the case for us, which is why we believe there might be something to dating according to your sign. So, we tapped Bess Matassa of Mojave Rising to help us figure out on whom we should set our sights. She’s written the following partnerships around the idea of polarity, as the signs she’s paired up are opposites on the zodiac; however, what this actually means in astrology is that both signs are “working around the same issue and helping each other equilibrate along that axis.” According to Bess, the upcoming fall equinox on September 22 will start the seasons of partnerships, so now is the time to be dating up a storm!


It's Partnership Season—Here's Who To Date

You're a red-hot, full-throttle astro babe with the need for emboldened speed and head-over-heels collisions. Reach out to a Libra love to help balance your pedal-to-the-metal energy, lean into compromise and power up with both a shared vision of how the world might be and the courage to birth it into reality.

As the zodiac's bovine bombshell, you're ready to pour the wine, light the candles and feast on the endless buffet of security and self-worth. Choose a Scorpio lover to ignite your desire nature—you both have a scintillating sexiness and the desire to touch, taste and sink your teeth into the whole of the human experience. A Scorpio will take you past your comfort zone and into the full range of soul-shaking transformation.

Endless information and curious explorations are the stuff that makes your soul sing, butterfly babe, and you need a partner who will slip into their sneakers for some serious street-smart wanderings. Embrace the ever-unfolding adventure with a wild pony Sagittarius who will roam to the ends of the earth with you and elevate your close-at-hand vision with some more far-flung philosophizing.

The starscape's little mermaid, you're an emotional fish who loves hunkering down and tucking into that crab shell to dream your looniest midnight dreams. Settle into a sheltered grove with an earthy Capricorn flame who will give you the traditional security you often crave while also pushing you to start sharing some of your wildest feelings with the world at large.

Sparkle, buff, gloss and glow! You're our rainbow-glitter kitten and you crave adoration, affection and the sweet sensation of the right here, right now. Hook up with an eccentrically out-there Aquarian partner who grasps your craving for individual expression but infuses it with some much-needed airy intellectualism to help you release from the need for recognition and let your love spill over for all to share.

Often mistakenly identified as anal or perfectionistic, you're actually the cosmos' witchy, self-contained woman who lives by her own code and standards—and doesn't give it away for free. Hook up with a touchy-feely Pisces paramour who will soften some of your desires to endlessly tweak and refine, allow you to be exactly as you are without critique and share your highly sensitized environmental attunement and occasional need for retreat.

The zodiac's quintessential idealistic, you embrace frameworks and floor plans like a queen in her carefully managed castle. Let yourself live the fairytale without hardening into overly intellectual visions of how it has to be with an innocently exuberant Aries lover. Together, you can build the dream from equal parts conceptual strategizing and innocently leaping in heart first.

Passionate intensity knows no bounds with you, and you've got a reputation for diving straight into the heart of primal, carnal relationships with a fearless ferocity befitting the zodiac's soul spelunker. With a tasty Taurus partner, you can get all the deep touches you crave while knowing when nothing more needs to be probed or overturned, as you relax into the sweet sensation of simply sitting back and letting it all be.

As the cosmos' barebacke rider, you run straight into the untamable high winds of exotic adventure. Likewise, you've got a bit of a rep for commitment phobia, though this is really just connected to your urge to feel that life is a rollicking, adventurous highway. Join forces with a similarly unfettered Gemini who understands your urge for exploratory learning while opening you even wider into possibilities and loosening up your desire to have it all figured out.

In both life and love, wilderness survival and business-minded badassery are your go-to modes, alpine climber. You understand the sweetness inside of the difficult and that love worth wanting is worth waiting for you. Bring it all back home with a Cancer partner who gets your craving for home-baked structures and traditional romance and pushes you to develop as much trust in your emotional security as you have in the material world.

Existing far beyond the realm of traditional love stories, your urge for utopian romances that radically reimagine partnerships leads you to hook up with fierce individualists who also crave a wide berth. Relax into a love story with a warm and fluffy Leo who will both celebrate your distinctive selfhood and teach you when to drop out of your head and into your pulsating, bejeweled heart.

The zodiac's quintessential romantic, you understand the meaning of a mystically minded true love that transcends all boundaries. Fuse with a sensitive Virgo soul who will honor your emotional receptors, provide much-needed ballast to tether your ethereal spirit to the earthy realm and sort chaotic emotions into clearer heartbeats.