Why A Girl Friend Is Often Better Than a Boyfriend

Sure, it’s nice to have someone to cuddle with on rainy nights and binge-watch Game of Thrones with, but any smart chick lives by the old adage that men may come and go but your girlfriends will be there forever. Don’t believe us? Get sick and see who brings you soup faster. Trust us—it’s a foolproof test. In light of the recent press surrounding the undeniable power of the single woman (New York magazine cover story, anyone?) and the fact that—according to the publication—only around 20 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 are currently married, compared to 60 percent just a few decades ago, we decided to take a minute to celebrate the merits of female friendships. Because truly great girl friends are not only important in today’s world, they’re imperative. Here, five reasons why girl friends are better than boyfriends.

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Why A Girl Friend Is Often Better Than a Boyfriend

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They Understand The Phrase "Retail Therapy"

Let's start with the obvious stuff, girlfriends know that a completely indulgent day of shopping and impulse purchases is sometimes necessary, especially if it's been a particularly long week or you're heartbroken. It's way more difficult to explain to the average man how an It bag cures the blues.

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They Believe In Cheat Days

Of course, it's fun to order a large pizza with your dude after a late night, and men really understand the merits of bar food (hello, wings and nachos), but it's usually a girl friend who will buy mass amounts of candy with you or tell you that certain days don't "count"—especially those days in which you've consumed an entire bread basket.

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Guys Want To Fix Things, But Girls Know Some Things Can’t Be Fixed

Sometimes a girl just wants someone to listen. Like really listen, without any expectation of the issue getting resolved. Women can go round and round on a subject with each other without either party ever growing tired of the repetition. Entire days have been lost that way. To their credit, most men want to fix a problem they're presented with–but the truth is some things aren't fixable. Girls know sometimes you just need to listen, be a shoulder and commiserate, rather than trying to find a solution. Sometimes a chick just needs to vent.

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No Subject Is Off Limits

Try talking about cramps, PMS or feeling bloated with a man, and you can pretty much guarantee a glaze will suddenly appear over their eyes. Your girlfriends will, on the contrary, likely offer you the chocolate they've been hoarding in their bag for just such occasions. Not only are all subjects fair game, phone calls at all times of the day (or middle of the night) are also totally within the rules for women. Nothing wakes a woman up faster than a ringing phone from a friend in need.

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When All Else Fails, It's Your Girls Who Will Be There

This is not about men bashing. We love men. But what we have found to be true time and time again is that when the chips are really down it's usually your gals who come a runnin. That's especially true when one of the aforementioned men happens to break your heart. I doubt there is a woman among us who can't relate to that scenario. The bottom line is this: We will always be boy crazy, but being single isn't all that bad—especially if you have your girls.