Joshua Jackson Shows How To Be A Supportive Ex

Proving that the phrase “great ex-boyfriend” doesn’t have to be an oxymoron, Joshua Jackson (forever known as Pacey to us Dawson’s Creek kids) couldn’t help but show genuine pride for the immensely talented Diane Kruger, who also happens to be his ex, when she won big at Cannes over the weekend. The movie star nabbed the coveted Best Actress award for her role in German film In the Fade, and the actor subsequently set the bar high for exes everywhere with a congratulatory Instagram shout-out that even immortalized Diane’s name in hashtag form. Swoon.

Joshua and Diane dated for a decade before ending their enviable relationship last summer, inevitably crushing hearts and temporarily making us believe that true love might not exist after all. (Side note: It does.) But moments like this are a good reminder that things truly can remain amicable between former couples. Praises for all the supportive exes out there.