How To Take The Perfect Selfie For Dating Apps

by Stephanie Montes

Taking a selfie is terrifying enough without the added pressure of having to post it on an a dating app. To help ease the anxiety, we tapped a couple of people who know a thing or two about what it takes to look good on camera. Here Make Up For Ever’s Director of Education and Artistry, Lijha Stewart and Beauty Blogger Huda Kattan share their tips for nailing the perfect shot every time.

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Do The Prep Work

“Natural sunlight does wonders for your skin tone, so try your best to snap all your selfies during the day. Now that your lighting is right, you're halfway there. Secondly, always try to focus on the eyes. Smoky eyes are always sexy and I love adding a bit of shimmer on the lids to add even more dimension to the eyes! If possible, apply some false lashes—you’ll be amazed what a difference they make in photos.” -Huda Kattan, Beauty Blogger and Entrepreneur

Get Your Glam On

“When it comes to your makeup, avoid overly matte or full-coverage foundations to avoid looking fake. If you have specific areas of concern, spot treat with concealer. This will give you a more natural look. If false lashes aren’t your thing, tightlining the eye makes you look more awake without looking too made up. For plump lips that don’t look too overdone, line with a pencil that is only one shade darker than your skin tone and shade the corners of your mouth too to create volume. Next, apply a lipstick in a shade lighter than your liner color, fill your lips and press together.” -Lijha Stewart, Director of Education and Artistry, Make Up For Ever


Get A Photo-Editing App

“There are a lot of amazing apps for editing photos. I personally love Facetune. It's wonderful for smoothing out your skin if you have any blemishes or if you haven't had time for a touch up but still want to banish that shine.

YouCam Makeup is also a lifesaver in times when you don't have enough time to get your glam on. It can literally transform your face and hair even when you’re not wearing any makeup! The only drawback is that it's easy to go overboard, so try to limit your editing and keep your photo as natural-looking as possible.” -Huda Kattan

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Know Your Phone

“My favorite way to get a clear selfie every time is to avoid using the camera rotate feature on your phone—if you can see yourself in the screen, turn the phone around. Stick with the traditional camera, you’ll be surprised how much better the quality is. To ensure that you have the right angle, take the selfie in front of a mirror so you can see yourself in the reflection.” -Lijha Stewart

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Practice Makes Perfect

“Finding the right angle does take some time. Since it ranges per person, my advice is to take as many photos from as many different angles as possible until you find the angles that work best for you. Typically shots from above work better as they open up your eyes and make them appear larger. Angles from below, are usually a big no-no, but again, this does vary from person to person.” -Huda Kattan

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Work With What You’ve Got

“Sure, lighting is better during the day but if you get the urge to take a selfie at night, remove the shade off a lamp and position the light directly at your towards your face. Stand about a foot away from the light and be wary of shadows when you hold your camera in front of you. Avoid overhead or bottom-lit lighting, because that will bring out imperfections and cast shadows on the face.” -Lijha Stewart

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