5 Reasons A Rebound Vacation Is The New Revenge Body

So you’re going through a breakup. Whether you were blindsided or the affair simply dwindled into nonexistence, the end of a relationship typically leads to blasting ’90s-era Celine Dion, binge-watching romantic dramas and eating pre-rolled raw cookie dough for weeks. But before contemplating a future in which you die alone with seven cats, here’s an idea: a rebound vacation. Not to be mistaken for simple escapism, packing a suitcase and heading for a bucket-list locale can actually be good for your health and even mend a broken heart. So instead of wallowing in self-pity, consider these five (positive) things you’ll achieve when you split town.


Get Out Of Town

Surely you've dabbled with the idea of temporarily disconnecting, but daily demands keep you from making a real commitment. Well, now's your chance: Without the nagging presence of a bae, you won't need to worry about missing a call/text/Snap only to have your loyalty questioned. So unplug—and you'll find the solitude affords you the opportunity to quit stalking your ex's Facebook profile.

Whether you're the type to chat up every face you meet on a walking tour or prefer to retreat to a private cabana, traveling solo naturally leads to meeting new people. Fear not: Befriending these folks—be they locals or fellow jet-setters—can lead to lifetime connections, and you may just be lucky enough to run into someone who's willing to listen to your sob stories and offer words of wisdom.

Hiking the trails of Machu Picchu? Immerse yourself in the rich culture of the Incas. Traipsing around Copenhagen? Channel the hygge trend to find that inner peace. Staying out after hours in New Orleans? Hit up a backyard crawfish boil or club-hop the jazz venues in the Marigny. When you're thoroughly engaged in the tastes, sounds and vibes of the place you're visiting, chances are you'll soon forget the name of the person you were escaping in the first place. (Ryan who?)

While you may want to spare your best friend a mascara-stained shoulder, bottling up your emotions after a breakup can prove unhealthy. Just like ripping off a Band-Aid, your heart simply must go through the motions—from grieving the loss over a glass (or six) of Cabernet to belting out girl-power anthems on the balcony of a hotel you don't intend to frequent. Either way, you get to feel all the feels, and—trust us—that's a good thing.

Hey, we all move on in different ways, and whether you travel with a rebound agenda or not, a post-breakup hookup can be a healthy thing. So put yourself out there—you might just meet the next best thing or even discover the need to be single. Either way: Get ready, world.