This Is The Right Way To Do Social Media PDA

Oversharing on social media? That’s a definite no-no. Even worse is when the barrage of posts on our news feeds happens to show two baes smooching or getting handsy. While these can sometimes be downright adorable, they can also be vomit-inducing. And as much as we’d like to beg the lovebirds to get a room, there is such a thing as virtual common courtesy that should be understood among couples on the Internet. Enter Amber Heard, who just made her relationship with Tesla founder Elon Musk Instagram-official. The Hollywood siren shared an image of the two at dinner, along with—what’s that?—an imprint of her red lips smack on his right cheek. It’s subtle yet sweet, and for bonus points it involved neither grinding nor actual lip-locking. This is how we do it, folks—very cheeky, indeed.

Homepage photo: Getty Images