5 Outside-The-Box GNO Ideas

Girls just wanna have fun, and fun doesn’t always have to include booze. In fact, trolling the local nightlife scene can be a total snoozefest, but sometimes it feels like the only opportunity for bonding outside of group Netflix and texting with your besties. Here, 5 fun ideas for your next night out (or in).


Old-School Sleepover

This one works best if you commit to it fully. Bring sleeping bags and make a giant pillow fort in someone's living room. Rent classic kids' movies. Buy a bunch of your childhood-favorite junk food (sundae bars are great, too). Just don't be the first to pass out—you may wake up to find your LaPerla in the deep freeze.…


Double (or Triple) Blind Date

This one's bold, so it may not be for everyone. Convince a friend to plan a date with someone she's met on Tinder (or any dating app) while you do the same. Then, convince your dates to agree to make it a double. That way, the night's more like a casual hang than a date.


Swap Meet Poker Night

Remember the poker scene in Benny & Joon, when Mary Stuart Masterson "wins" Johnny Depp in a bet? (No? Then rent the movie, ASAP.) This poker game has a similar premise, but instead of pawning off cousins you don't want, you'll be getting rid of clothing you no longer wear. Think of it as a high-fashion swap meet (i.e., "I see your 2010 Louboutins and raise you last season's Phillip Lim bucket bag"). Your trash will become someone else's treasure.


Random Groupon Activity

Studies show that bonding is intensified in novel situations, so pick something you would never normally do. Examples include sky or scuba diving, fencing, DJ lessons, etc.


Fake Bachelorette Pub Crawl

Okay, this one does involve the bars, but it's more fun than your average night on the town. Grab a couple of girls, some tacky paraphernalia and a veil and hit the cheesiest part of town, where you won't run into anyone you actually know. Take turns pretending to be the bride … because we all need a little unearned attention every once in a while.