Out Magazine Honors The Fashion Insiders Who Support The LGBT Community

Today Out magazine released its Out100 list honoring individuals contributing to the progress of the LGBT community. The presence of fashion-industry insiders is, as usual, robust. And while there are many aspects of the fashion industry we take issue with—lack of diversity and the reinforcement of negative body-image issues spring to mind—we are proud to be a part of a community that shows support for the LGBT movement. The influential names recognized by Out run the gamut from actors to athletes to activists to President Obama (who covers the issue). Here, a few of our favorite fashion forces whose inspiring work put them on the list.

Out Magazine

Andrej Pejic, Model

"I care more about inclusion and equality than feeling special. The future is fluid, and nothing adds more to progress than humanity united."

Out Magazine

Prabal Gurung, Designer

"I was grateful and humbled by the unwavering support and love [for his fundraising project with the Shikshya Foundation to help his home country of Nepal recover from a magnitude 7.8 earthquake] that I got from everyone, especially the fashion industry. It was humanity at its best."

Out Magazine

Nicola Formichetti, Designer

"I'm fortunate that so many people turn to me as a source of inspiration. I feel that I have a responsibility to raise awareness, and work to make the world a more equal place for everyone."

Out Magazine

Michael Kors, Designer

"[The Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage] proves that folks have really changed their perspective on things, and I think it has a lot to do with getting to know people."

Out Magazine

Joe Zee, Journalist & Talk Show Host

"Breaking that barrier [to become the first gay Asian man to host a talk show] has meant so much to me, especially after having been told no so many times by so many people along the way.”

Out Magazine

Jeremy Scott, Designer

"Now we need a gay president!"

Out Magazine

Hari Nef, Model & Actress

"Triumphs for trans women have been directly proportional to an increase in violence against less-privileged trans women, particularly black trans women," she notes. "It's not all up to us, though—there needs to be more focus on the cisgender men who are killing us, and their prejudice."