Of The Chic, Trendy Home Products Most Added To Amazon Wish Lists, These Are Worth The Hype

Trust the shoppers on this one.

Written by BDG Commerce
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There are a lot of highly rated products on Amazon, but as any experienced online shopper will tell you, not all of them turn out to be as great as they sound. To help you cut through the noise and stock your home with the best and most innovative products Amazon has to offer, our (very discerning) editors put together this list of the hottest home products your fellow shoppers are lusting over right now. Trust us: Of the chic, trendy home products most added to Amazon wish lists, these 40 are worth the hype.

So, what types of home products are trending right now? In addition to decorative accents that make a statement — think: James Turrell-inspired lights, sculptural ceramic vases, and that mushroom lamp you’ve been seeing everywhere — the products that are the most highly sought after by Amazon shoppers tend to be ones that merge style with function (so anything with hidden storage or a clever organizational angle, for example). With that in mind, this list is rife with chic and trendy products that not only look great, but will make your home run more efficiently, too.

Ready to discover some of the most in-demand home products on Amazon right now? Then just keep scrolling.


This Cool Projector Lamp For A Turrell-Inspired Vibe

Love James Turrell, but can’t afford to shell out a couple of hundred thousand on one of his rare light installations? Instead, pick up this $16 projector lamp, which not only looks incredibly cool and modern, but can also help perk up those with seasonal affective disorder. This lamp is a piece of art, a fully functioning light, and a conversation piece all in one — and as a bonus, it also makes for some seriously cool photographs.


A Modern Alarm Clock That Also Charges Your Phone

This digital alarm clock will add a modern touch to your nightstand, but it also acts as a wireless charger for your phone. Both the volume and the brightness are adjustable, and it’s sold in four colors to match any bedroom (black, white, bamboo, or brown).


This Luxe Velvet Stool With Hidden Storage

It’s hard to believe you can buy this chic velvet ottoman for just $40 on Amazon — especially when you consider its many uses. It can function as extra seating or as a stool for your vanity; as a small table (just flip over the lid to the wooden side); or as hidden storage, thanks to the discreet compartment inside. Sleek brass legs round out the modern design.

  • Available colors: 11


A Chic Table Runner Made Of Pure Linen

A table runner, like this one, can instantly take your dining table from plain to pretty in mere seconds. But this specific table runner feels even more chic than most, as it’s made of 100% pure linen and features a French-inspired farmhouse design. It comes in lots of different colors, patterns, and sizes, and you can even buy a matching set of napkins or placemats, if you want.

  • Available styles: 39


This Giant Candle That Makes A Great Centerpiece

This extra-large candle, in its rustic-chic wooden bowl, will make such a pretty centerpiece on a coffee or console table. It has a 45-hour burn time and comes in lots of nice scents to suit anyone’s taste, from lavender to pumpkin spice to vanilla latte. Plus, when you burn through the wax, you can repurpose the bowl so many ways.


The Vinyl Record Holder That Amazon Reviewers Are Buzzing About

Amazon reviewers are obsessing over this vinyl holder — to date, it’s already garnered thousands of rave reviews and five-star ratings. Both functional and stylish, since it acts as storage and as a decorative accent, it’s sold in several neutral colors and allows you to flip through your records easily, unlike so many other badly designed vinyl holders out there.


A Round Ceramic Vase That Doubles As A Sculptural Piece

This round ceramic vase looks great with flowers (especially eucalyptus or pampas grass) inside, but even without flowers, it doubles as a decorative sculptural accent, perfect for a bookcase or side table. Choose from three sizes, two colors (black or white), or go for the set of three.


These Sleek Kitchen Canisters With Endless Uses

Pantry organizers are all the rage right now — you can thank The Home Edit — but not all of them look chic. This set, however, does look incredibly chic, thanks to their simple, streamlined design and modern chrome lids. Keep them in your cabinet or pantry to store things like pasta, baking supplies, and rice, or leave them out on your kitchen counter with colorful candies inside.


A Serving Board For Charcuterie, Cheese, Pizza, & More

There’s something undeniably chic about a wooden serving board, and charcuterie boards have never been more popular. So, combine those two things and you’ve got an Amazon best-seller in the form of this Villa Acacia serving board, which can also be used to set out things like cookies, cupcakes, and pizza (in addition to cheese and charcuterie, of course). One Amazon reviewer commented, “Beautiful wood color, and I like that there's a handle. Its so pretty, I don't put it away. It looks nice leaning against the wall on the countertop and easily accessible. Good size for chopping and preparing.”


These Chic Champagne Flutes That’ll Impress Your Guests

Impress your guests with your exquisite taste in glassware with this set of luxury champagne flutes — you’ll get four in a ready-to-gift box, all with long stems and a modern square shape. Handmade by artisans, the glasses are crafted of high-quality, lead-free crystal with stunning clarity.


The Trendy Mushroom Lamp That’s All Over Instagram

If you haven’t seen this mushroom lamp on Instagram or YouTube by now, allow us to introduce you to the trendiest lighting fixture of the moment. It’s cute, compact, gives off a cozy warm glow, and acts as a decorative piece with its trendy marble design. Plus, it costs less than $35 and comes in lots of colors — what’s not to love?

  • Available colors: 13


The Bamboo Bath Mat That’ll Majorly Upgrade Your Bathroom

An easy way to make your bathroom feel 10 times more chic? Replace your flimsy fabric bathmat with a bamboo one, which also happens to be 10 times more hygienic. Choose from two sizes and four wood finishes: gray, black, natural, or walnut.


Another Gorgeous Sculptural Vase That Looks Chic With Or Without Flowers

Another ultra-chic vase worth adding to your collection, this one looks even better without flowers — just pretend it’s an artisanal sculpture you picked up on a trip to Italy. It comes in two sizes and three colors, and would look great (and super on trend) anywhere in your home, whether on top of a stack of books on a side table, or tucked onto a shelf.


These Chic Glasses That Influencers Are Obsessed With

Influencers like Tinx are obsessed with these glasses, which come with chic bamboo lids and equally chic glass straws. They’re great for iced coffee and boba tea, but they can be used for literally anything — that includes cereal and trail mix. A set of four will set you back just under $25 on Amazon.


A Set Of Aesthetic Bubble Candles That Look Great Even Unlit

These bubble candles are super trendy right now — maybe you’ve seen them on Instagram? Popular with aesthetics-focused folks, they’re sold in a set of two and look amazing even when unlit, since they basically double as little decorative accents.


An Electric Gooseneck Kettle That’s Both Practical & Stylish

Sure, an electric kettle is undeniably practical, but this one — with its antique-inspired gooseneck design and cute cork accents — also looks chic. Unlike a lot of other kitchen appliances, this one won’t be an eyesore when left out. It’s great for both tea and pour-over coffee alike, and comes in two colors: black (which feels more rustic) and silver (which leans a bit more modern).


A Multifunctional Tray With A Rustic-Chic Look

You can use this tray for both practical and aesthetic purposes — on a coffee table to store a candle and flowers; as a serving tray for cookies and tea; or on a kitchen table to hold salt, pepper, and napkins. However you choose to use it, it’ll add a rustic-chic touch to your space with its farmhouse-style design.


This Cool Soap Dispenser That Doesn’t Require Any Touching

This automatic soap dispenser is bound to become the next big thing on Amazon. It’s motion activated, so you don’t need to touch anything to get your soap, and it’s equipped with a built-in, light-up timer to ensure you wash your hands for the recommended amount of time (20 seconds, to be precise). On a single battery charge, it’ll last three months before needing to be powered up again. You can even sync it with the Alexa-enabled device of your choice to hear music as you wash.


A Trendy & Elegant Wine Decanter That Makes Your Vino Taste Better

Make a statement at your next dinner party with this elegant wine decanter that doubles as a work of art. Not only does it look impressive, but it’ll also make your favorite cheap and cheerful bottle of red taste five times more expensive.


This Genius Cheese Board With A Built-In Set Of Knives

How clever is this cheese board? Made of high-quality bamboo, it has a built-in drawer with a set of knives inside, which you can pull out and put on display when it’s time to serve. There’s also a big groove around the edge for crackers and bread, and the whole thing is easy to wipe clean before putting it away.


A Stylish Solution To Organizing Your Makeup Collection

The rare Amazon product with a nearly perfect 4.8-star rating, this cosmetics case is such a polished-looking way to organize your sprawling makeup collection. Available in your choice of two sizes, it’s equipped with a number of drawers in varying sizes, as well as a compartmentalized shelf on top to accommodate makeup and skin care products. The clear acrylic construction makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for (and wipe down with soap and water to maintain its sparkling clean appearance).


This Ultra-Modern Floor Lamp That Looks Sourced From An Upscale Boutique

No one would believe you found this clean and modern floor lamp on Amazon — let alone for less than $40. Available in four finishes — black, white, brushed steel, and brass (pictured) — and with an industrial-chic exposed lightbulb, it’ll strike a stunning, IG-worthy figure in your home. Customize the look by screwing in the bulb of your choice, ideally of the Edison variety.


A Pair Of Bamboo Spice Jars That Look So Chic On Your Countertop

Why use your standard-issue spice containers when you can use chic bamboo ones, instead? A simple way to elevate your daily cooking routine, they’re made of pure bamboo and feature a swiveling magnetic lid that opens and shuts with the nudge of your finger (ideal for getting messy in the kitchen). Not to mention, they look great displayed on your countertop.


This Set Of Realistic-Looking Electric Candles That Create The Warmest Ambiance

These electric candles flicker and dance like the real thing, so they’re a great option for people who’d prefer not to light actual candles in their homes. Available in a set of three, you can operate them via remote control, set them on a timer, and adjust the brightness level for a customize ambience. Plus, the gold cylinders create an inviting, expensive-looking vibe in any room (though they’re available in gray, silver, and white, too).


A Collection Of Minimalist Line Drawings That Feel So Of-The-Moment

You don’t need to invest a ton to fill your home with beautiful art. Minimalist line drawings, like these, are showing up in every tastemaker’s home these days; and this set of four prints costs under $50. Between the neutral palette and graceful shapes, they’ll add a dose of serenity to your space. Choose between two sets — both equally of-the-moment — either unframed or framed in black or pale wood.


This Bunch Of Minimalist-Chic Dried Pampas Grass

Great news for brown thumbs: Bunches of dried pampas grass continue to be a major home trend — and it requires zero watering or upkeep. Pop them in any minimalist matte white vase for a particularly modern accent (ideally near a window, where they’ll become even fluffier).


Some Under-Cabinet Lighting That’ll Breathe New Life Into Your Kitchen

If your kitchen isn’t naturally blessed with great lighting, give it an easy remodel with this under-cabinet lighting solution instead. The LED lights emit a soft, warm glow, and you can adjust the brightness level with the remote control. “One of the best purchases I’ve made lately! Affordable and easy to install,” one Amazon reviewer raved. “My husband and I have been doing a lot of painting and remodeling. The kitchen before had dark cabinets and is in its own little cave where minimal sunlight comes through. These were a perfect addition.”


This Set Of Sleek Pantry Organizers, Complete With Customizable Labels

Another example of how pantry organizers can look surprisingly chic, these popular storage containers have a sleek design, and the airtight lids keep all your dry goods, cereals, candies, and snacks fresher for longer. As a cute touch, they also come with labels in various shapes and a white marker for extra organizational (and aesthetic) points.


A Trio Of Candle Holders That Any Homemaker Would Love

These candle holders are the chicest way to display your collection of pillar candles. The black metal construction is dramatic yet understated at once, and they come in three heights for aesthetic harmony. They’d happen to make a thoughtful hostess gift, too.


This Genius Lunch Container That Keeps Salads & Grain Bowls Fresh

Over 35,000 shoppers have awarded this bento-inspired salad container a five-star rating for its sheer brilliance. It’s made up of two separate tiers — the bottom one is larger for salad leaves or grains, and the top contains a few compartments for toppings, snacks, and a separate well for dressings — and they both snap together with an airtight, leakproof lid. It’s a must for taking your lunch with you to work, or for picnics, hikes, and road trips.


A Pair Of Solar-Powered Lanterns To Add Some Magic To Your Outdoor Space

Add a touch of whimsy to your yard with these solar lanterns, made of a filigreed iron that throws the most beautiful, intricate patterns when lit. Even cooler? The lamps are solar-powered, so they’ll automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn. They come with a hook for hanging on trees, but they’ll look equally magical resting on a stoop or porch.


This Versatile Rotating Platter Handcrafted Of White Marble

Crafted of a heavy white marble, this rotating platter looks and feels so much more expensive than its price tag would suggest. Not only is it a stylish way to store spices and olive oil in the kitchen (or even skin care products and perfume in your bathroom), but it also makes for a beautiful serving mechanism for drinks, appetizers, condiments, and desserts at a dinner party.


A Set Of Popular Pillowcases Made Of Real Mulberry Silk

Boasting a 4.5-star rating from over 25,000 ratings overall, these wildly popular pillowcases are made of 100% Mulberry silk — not satin, like others out there — for the ultimate luxurious sleeping experience. The slippery, moisture-wicking material can promote healthier skin and hair, to boot. Take your pick from 26 gleaming shades, from icy pastels to rich jewel tones and classic neutrals.

  • Available colors: 26


This Expandable Bamboo Tray That’ll Seriously Elevate Your Bath Time Ritual

Bath people, take note: This bamboo bath caddy is specially crafted to hold all your bath time essentials, including a slot for your phone, a candle, soap, and a glass of wine (plus, it comes with a detachable, waterproof cover to protect your book or tablet). Its expandable design is guaranteed to fit pretty much any bathtub, and it has silicone grippers on the bottom to ensure your things don’t go tumbling into the water.


A Set Of Pretty Ombre Bowls That Conveniently Nest Together

Sold in sets of 12, these mixing bowls nest together to save space in your cabinets, and since each bowl comes with an airtight lid, they double as storage containers. Dishwasher- and microwave-safe, they come in 17 eye-catching color combinations, like a trendy speckle print, black and white, or the chic ombre berries and blues pictured. Unsurprisingly, shoppers have awarded these versatile bowls a 4.6-star rating from 15,000 ratings and reviews.

  • Available colors: 17


This Genius Accessory That Conceals Unsightly Outlets & Cords

This outlet concealer may not be chic in and of itself, granted, but it’ll make your home look so much more polished by hiding unsightly cords and outlets. Over 35,000 Amazon shoppers swear by this simple hack for streamlining your space, with one raving, “It allows for an elegant finish to the middle of the counter area by hiding the outlet and the [cord] extends to the end for the coffee makers which allows for the countertop to remain clear of clutter and appliances!”


A Beautiful Bamboo Cutting Board That Rests Securely On Your Counter

Made of pure bamboo, this cutting board is designed with a lip that rests on the edge of your kitchen counter to ensure it doesn’t slip while you’re chopping. Smart, right? “This cutting board is the best thing I've purchased in a long time,” one Amazon reviewer wrote. “It doesn't move at all when cutting through difficult bread or preparing vegetables, which was a problem I've had with previous cutting boards being too flimsy and light. This cutting board is very sturdy and looks beautiful in my kitchen, too!” Plus, it’s a chic way to set out cheese, appetizers, and desserts in your kitchen when you’re having guests over.


These Sleek Insulated Tumblers With A Bonafide Cult Following

These insulated tumblers have earned an impressive 4.8-star rating out of close to 60,000 ratings and reviews in total. Why are shoppers so obsessed? A few reasons: First, they’re double-insulated to keep cold drinks cold, or hot drinks hot, for hours on end. Plus, they come with two lids — a flip lid and a straw lid — to sip different types of drinks. And between the sleek, slim shape (which also makes them easy to hold) and 33 colors and patterns on offer, they look so much chicer than a humble tumbler needs to be. This just might be the best $25-ish you spend all month.

  • Available colors: 33


A Super-Soft Throw Blanket In A Trendy Checkerboard Print

One of the easiest ways to make your home look on-trend? Put some checkerboard in it. This throw blanket happens to be deliciously soft and cuddly (it’s made of brushed microfiber) in addition to Instagram-worthy. It comes in seven cool colors, from burnt orange to brick red, but it’s available in classic black, too.

  • Available colors: 7


This Portable Bonfire That Doubles As A Decorative Accent

A chic and unique way to bring the outdoors in, this concrete tabletop fireplace is safe, easy to use, and creates a flame that burns cleanly for up to 50 minutes at a time. “Love the ambiance it brings to a room,” one Amazon shopper wrote, while another commented, “I bought one for myself and it is now my go-to gift for friends and loved ones! It couldn't be easier to use or more lovely in person.” It looks great as a sculptural objet d’art even when not in use, too. Choose from either a gray or black vessel.