6 Pieces Of Furniture Always Worth Investing In

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We all appreciate budget-friendly home furnishings (some of us might even solely rely upon them), but just like in your wardrobe, there comes a time when a few investment pieces need to enter the picture, because #adulting. Certain items—particularly those that see the most use—can make or break a space, and while well-made furniture comes at a steeper price, it’ll stand the test of time, so it’s actually a sound decision. Here, six staples worth a splurge, whether you’re decorating a studio apartment or your first home.

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Investment-Worthy Furniture

A Sofa

A classic sofa makes any living room look polished and sophisticated.

A Coffee Table

Your coffee table sees a lot of wear, making a well-constructed style all the more crucial.

A Bed Frame

A gorgeous bed frame guarantees a stylish and dream-worthy sleep space.

A Mattress

An ideal mattress has the perfect combination of sink and bounce—it's important not to skimp when it comes to your slumber.

A Dresser

A sturdy dresser lends itself to neatly organized drawers and will actually last through many moves.

A Desk

This piece is the epitome of adulting, helping to ensure a clutter-free space.