The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Thanksgiving

Whether you’re hosting a turkey day feast or simply showing up to someone’s house for dinner, the holidays often come with their own unique set of curveballs: Unexpected dietary restrictions, unruly children and last-minute potlucks are just a few of the possible problematic scenarios that come to mind. Click through this guide for easy solutions to last-minute conundrums.

Procrastinators, Unite!

Make This Side In A Snap

The Problem: You intended on showing up to your dinner with a bottle of wine. The hostess expected a side dish.

The Solution: Just because someone else is tackling the hosting duties doesn't mean you're off the hook. Let an easy-to-make dish come to your rescue: Whip together this delicious (and quick) green bean recipe, courtesy of Naturally Ella.

Photo: Naturally Ella

A Simple (Yet Stunning) Centerpiece

The Problem: You've cooked your little heart out. And it smells delicious. Creating a gorgeous table? Whoops. You knew there was something that slipped your mind.

The Solution: When it comes to styling a last-minute table, beautiful branches are just as good as an elaborate floral arrangement (not to mention cheaper and way easier to come by). Plus, your guests will be impressed by your unexpected take on traditional centerpieces. Coco+Kelley shows you how it's done.

Photo: Coco+Kelley

A No-Bake Dessert That's Actually Delicious

The Problem: The turkey was delicious. The stuffing divine. The dessert? What dessert?

The Solution: If you're not equipped with an industrial-size oven, you may have to choose between roasting a bird and baking a pie. Since it's not turkey day without the turkey, the pie may get sacrificed. But that doesn't mean you have to deprive your guests of a homemade dessert. This icebox cake from The Pancake Princess is a no-bake treat they'll want second helpings of.

Photo: The Pancake Princess

Think Fast: A Vegetarian Is Coming To Dinner!

The Problem: Since when is cousin Irene a vegetarian? Since last week? Great.

The Solution: The table is set and the turkey is roasting, but don't get too comfortable just yet—a veggie is in attendance. Make sure every guest leaves with a full belly by putting together this easy-yet-festive pasta dish from Love & Lemons. Best part? Most of the ingredients are likely already in your pantry.

Photo: Love & Lemons

How To Keep The Kids Busy

The Problem: Screaming kids. Enough said.

The Solution: Being relegated to the kids table is a fate most little ones aren't necessarily thrilled about. Keep their fingers busy and their minds occupied by setting them up with a fun craft you can print out at a moment's notice thanks to the brilliant Mr. Printables.

Photo: Mr. Printables

Put Together Pretty Place Cards, Pronto

The Problem: Aunt Joanie and Uncle Bobby aren't speaking? Since when? Argh.

The Solution: Control who sits where (and who argues politics with who) with these adorable easy-to-make place cards. As trivial as they may seem, they're the only things standing between a peaceful meal and sheer chaos. All you need for this brilliant DIY from Spoon Fork Bacon is a pen, paper and a few sprigs of rosemary. Crisis averted. Note to self: Next year, let's do Friendsgiving.

Photo: Spoon Fork Bacon