The Best Ikea Finds For Every Room

A white bathroom equipped with Ikea furniture

Finding a diamond in the rough at Ikea pretty much feels like winning the home decor lottery. Of course the bastion of affordable Swedish design has its usual standouts that all make their way into our homes at some point—the black and white wool rug, the Saarinen-knockoff dining table, the classic wood dresser (with the knobs changed!), but the very best is when you scout something new in the store before it hits everyone else’s radar. Well, good news for you! We spent a Saturday strolling the maze so you don’t have to. Here, the best Ikea finds for every room right now.


The Best Ikea Finds For Every Room Right Now

Living Room

Some pops of color, a mix of vintage and modern design, and a hint of nature are a winning combo.

Ikea Tullsta Chair, $109 Ikea Satsumas Plant Stand, $40 Ikea Stockholm Swivel Chair, $399 Ikea Myttinge Picture, $30


This update to the classic tulip table—a hint of natural wood—adds a dose of modernity and texture to your kitchen. Pair it with black chairs and some new dinnerware, and your dining nook will be looking fresh and inspired for spring.

Ikea Flimra Wine Glass, $3 Ikea Billsta Table, $229 Ikea Idolf Chair, $59 Ikea Tickar Series, $3–$5


Sleek and pristine storage solutions make spring-cleaning your sleep sanctuary a task you'll look forward to.

Ikea Kvave Table Lamp, $25 Ikea Pax Wardrobe, $195-$1115 Ikea Selje Nightstand, $60 Ikea Brimnes Bed Frame With Storage, $249


With spring right around the corner, it's never too early to start sprucing up your outdoor space. New chairs, some storage and a succulent garden are a fun face-lift and a low-risk way to test out your green thumb.

Ikea Succulent Plant With Pot, $8 Ikea Bittergurka Watering Can, $10 Ikea Fladis Basket, $20 Ikea Brommo Chaise, $50