If You're Lazy But Want To Look Good, You'll Wish You Got These 46 Things Sooner

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by BDG Commerce

Even those of us who consider ourselves beauty and fashion obsessives get lazy sometimes — but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a few minutes to revive your skin, style your hair, and throw on a one-and-done jumpsuit. Maintaining an effortlessly put-together appearance without actually putting in much effort is all about investing in the right products: so if you’re lazy but want to look good, you’ll wish you get these 46 things sooner. From beauty products that transform your skin in mere minutes to understated accessories that’ll take your outfit from casual to casual-chic, these products will come in handy next time you’ve got an early-morning engagement and just can’t even.

There are a few obvious products that seem like they were practically invented for sluggish days, like skin care/makeup hybrids that do multiple jobs at once and, of course, the ultimate lazy girl hair hack, dry shampoo. But there are ways to look good that don’t require any effort that you may not have thought of: drinking enough water and running a humidifier while you sleep are two habits to get into for maintaining strong, hydrated skin, while stocking your closet with a selection of timeless basics — like a classic silk blouse and a few LBDs — will ensure you always have something stylish, yet unfussy, to wear.

For the full list of clever ways to look good without putting in much effort, scroll on.


A 5-Minute Facial In A Bottle

Get clear, glowing skin in just five minutes with this facial in a bottle from Malin + Goetz. The unique, oxygenating formula starts off as a gel and turns into a foam, making it both fun and satisfying to use. It’s loaded with high-performing ingredients like squalane, green tea, and antioxidant-rich vitamin C to leave your skin smooth, bright, and hydrated upon rinsing it off.


An Easy Way To Get A Pro-Quality Manicure Without Going To The Salon

Press-on nails have come back in style — maybe it’s our generation’s obsession with convenience? — and KISS recently launched this upgraded press-on nail kit that comes in 24 modern, fresh-feeling colors. They couldn’t be any easier or quicker to apply, so they’re a great solution for when you don’t have the time to go to the salon or give yourself a manicure. Choose from barely-there nudes, like ‘Point Pink’ (pictured) or ‘Sandbox’, or go with pastel purple, bold yellow, or sultry wine-red.


These Comfy Joggers That Look Dressy Enough For The Office

These dressy jogger pants could easily be worn to date night or the office — just throw on a blazer and some heels, and you’re good to go. Still, they’re as soft and breathable as your favorite sweatpants, so if you’re feeling especially lazy, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. These joggers are designed with spacious pockets, a drawstring waist, and cute cuffed ankles with drawstring ties. Choose from seven goes-with-anything colors, from navy to gray.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: 7


An All-In-One Makeup Palette For A Full Face Anywhere, Anytime

Whether you’re too lazy to get out all of your makeup and brushes or you’re running around town or in the back of a cab, this Woosh Beauty all-in-one palette is going to be your savior. It contains all the makeup you need for a full face: four eyeshadows (including deep black, which could be used as eyeliner), two blushes, one highlighter, two powder foundations, two concealers, and two shades for contouring. You also get four small brushes, and the compact itself has a pull-out mirror so you can do your makeup anywhere. Genius, right?

  • Available shades: 6


The Beauty Editor Secret To Silky Hair In Seconds

Too lazy to wait around in the shower for your conditioner or hair mask to absorb? L'Oreal’s 8 Second Wonder Water works even better than either of those things — and does its job in just eight seconds. It’s a water-light treatment that’s suitable for all hair types, even fine and thin (promise: it won’t weigh you down), and you wash it out almost as soon as you’ve applied it. The result is suspiciously silky, shiny hair, almost as if by magic.


These Stamp-On Eyeliners That Require Zero Makeup Skills

Whether you have zero time, energy, or makeup skills, these brilliant eyeliner stamps will give you pro-level cat eyes without any technique involved. You simply stamp on the winged side, use the eyeliner side to connect the wing, and that’s it. No wonder over 20,000 Amazon shoppers left these best-selling stamps a perfect five-star rating or review.


This Best-Selling Shampoo That Refreshes Your Color In The Shower

Can’t get to the salon? Too lazy to dye your hair yourself? Celeb Luxury has your solution. Their Colorwash Shampoo allows you to refresh your color while you’re in the shower, or if you want to completely switch up your hair, you can do that, too. This color-depositing shampoo is sold in both natural and bright colors, from blonde, red, and brown to shocking yellow and pastel pink. If you’re skeptical that it works, just check out the thousands of glowing Amazon reviews.


A Classic LBD That’ll Never Go Out Of Style

You wouldn’t think it, but the little black dress was practically invented with the lazy girl in mind. It requires no effort or imagination — you can just throw it on with a pair of heels (accessories optional) and instantly have a chic, elegant outfit for any occasion. This one, which is sold in both short and long sleeve styles, is made with 5% spandex to give it stretch, so it’s pretty comfortable, too. The belted waist shows off your natural figure, and the classic, below-the-knee silhouette feels just the right amount of dressy.

  • Available sizes: Large Plus — 4X-Large Plus
  • Available colors: 5


This Multipurpose Tint For Your Lips, Cheeks, & Lids

Another lazy girl makeup hack is a three-in-one multistick. And with its botanically derived formula, HAN’s is almost like a skin care product, too: It’s full of nourishing ingredients like shea butter, argan oil, and green tea extract, which gives the formula a moisturizing, comfortable feel (and ensures it blends into your skin seamlessly, whether you’ve prepped with moisturizer or not). For a full face of no-makeup makeup in seconds, dab some onto your lips and cheeks, and along the crease of your eyelids.

  • Available shades: 8


The Fan-Favorite Dry Shampoo That Cleans & Refreshes Your Hair

Dove’s dry shampoo is beloved because it doesn’t just soak up oil and add volume, but it also genuinely makes your hair look and feel cleaner. This will allow you to go another day or two without washing your hair, and it’ll revive hair that’s looking lifeless, greasy, or dull, too. With this order, you get three big bottles for just $15, so it’s an amazing value.


A 3-Piece Set For When You Want To Look Cute, But Feel Comfy At Home

Too lazy to not be in pajamas? Have a friend coming over, or a Zoom call? Then you need a three-piece lounge set like this one. Super comfy and cute, this set comprises a scoop-neck tank, drawstring pants, and a long, flowy cardigan, all made of a soft, ribbed fabric. It’s sold in so many gorgeous colors, too, including the mint green pictured or light pink, bold orange, and off-white.

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: 11


An Overnight Cream That Brightens & Revives Your Skin While You Sleep

Overnight face creams and masks, like Lumene’s Valo Nordic-C cream, are the beauty insider’s secret to waking up with glowing, luminous skin. (Also, if you know you’re not going to be getting a full eight hours, this will help you look like you did.) This decadent, cloud-like cream is packed with radiance-boosting botanicals found in Finland, like arctic cloudberry, Nordic birch sap (which is rich in vitamin C), and arctic spring water, as well as skin-plumping hyaluronic acid. You won’t even need to do anything else in the morning (aside from applying SPF, of course) — just rinse your face with water and go.


The Easiest Way To Achieve Loose, Beachy Waves By Yourself

Whether you’re too lazy or too unskilled to master the art of the curling iron, Bed Head’s Makin' Waves Hair Waver offers a much more user-friendly solution. To get the beach waves of your dreams, you simply clamp this tool down on your hair — that’s it. No patience or technique involved. “This is sooo worth $24,” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “I hate curling my hair, but this makes it a quick and easy process [...] if you are lazy and love an easy, pretty wave-- buy this!!”


A 1-Minute Peel That Exfoliates & Tans Your Face

Only got one minute to prep and pamper your skin? Then you’ll love these M-61 PowerGlow Peel Gradual Tan pads. Not only does this peel exfoliate and smooth your skin using a combination of glycolic and salicylic acids, but it also causes your skin to develop a gradual, natural-looking tan without streaking (just be sure to rub the pad all over your face). These pads are also rich in vitamin K and chamomile to soothe and nourish your skin. Choose between a box of 10 or 30 pads.


This Cute & Comfy Shirt Dress That’s An Outfit All On Its Own

Comfortable, stylish, and an outfit all on its own — this is basically the lazy girl’s dream dress. Made of 100% cotton, this flannel shirt dress will keep you snug in the cold weather when paired with tights and booties; in the earlier autumn months, wear it bare-legged with sneakers or heels. Choose from nine cozy-chic flannel prints, from holiday-perfect black and red to summer-friendly navy and white.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large
  • Available colors: 9


The Only Product You Need To Apply In The Morning

Cut down on the steps in your morning routine and invest in this best-selling BB cream instead. It’s a sunscreen and tinted moisturizer in one, but since it’s rich in antioxidants, it can replace the need for a vitamin C serum as well. Featuring SPF 30 and a hydrating, complexion-evening formula, this BB cream is vegan and cruelty-free, and absolutely perfect for rushed or lazy mornings.

  • Available shades: 10


A More Comfortable, But Equally Stylish Alternative To A Dress

When you’re too lazy to put together an outfit, slip on this jumpsuit instead. It’s just as stylish as a dress — maybe more so, to be honest — but a lot more comfortable. Sold in two cool colors, navy and army green, this jumpsuit would work in at least three out of four seasons: in the autumn, throw on a denim or leather jacket and some booties; in the spring or summer, wear it with sandals and some gleaming gold hoops. A truly effortlessly chic outfit, if there ever was one.

  • Available sizes: XX-Small — 3X
  • Available colors: 2


This Eye Cream/Concealer Hybrid To Streamline Your Morning Routine

As you’re probably aware by now, products that combine makeup and skin care are a match made in heaven for lazy mornings. That’s exactly what this eye cream from L’Oreal does. It’s both an under-eye treatment and a concealer, so you’re getting both immediate and long-term benefits. Made with hyaluronic acid to hydrate skin for up to 24 hours, this multitasker looks great both on bare skin or worn along with foundation.

  • Available shades: 14


This All-Natural Spray That Releases Wrinkles From Your Clothes

When you’re too lazy to iron or steam your clothes, spritz on some of The Laundress’s Crease Release spray instead. Though it won’t do as good of a job as an iron, it’ll still help release those wrinkles so they look less noticeable (while making your clothes smell better, too). “Perfect for busy people who don't have time to fold laundry,” noted one Amazon reviewer, while another commented, “Works great to get out wrinkles after laundry has been sitting for a day or two. We all know we don't always have time to hang and fold clothing in the same day. This is the perfect solution for those set in wrinkles. I find it to work just as good as ironing, and takes way less time. I also make sure to carry it when traveling, cause all clothing gets wrinkles well in a suitcase!”


A Magnetic Eyelash Kit That Even Beginners Can Master

Another game-changing beauty product for the lazy or unskilled among us, this magnetic eyelash kit makes quick work of one of the most notoriously different makeup-related tasks. The faux lashes are applied with the included lash applicator and magnetic eyeliner, so the whole process is practically effortless. In addition to 12 pairs of reusable lashes in assorted thicknesses and lengths, the kit also comes with scissors to trim your lashes, as well as a compact storage case for travel.


A Truly Effortless Way To Support Healthy Hair, Skin, & Nails

For an effortless (and tasty way) to maintain healthy hair, skin, and nails, take two of these biotin and collagen gummies daily. They contain all the nutrients you need to ensure you look and feel your best, like vitamins C and E, in addition to collagen and biotin. Over 15,000 Amazon shoppers awarded these gummies a perfect five-star rating — why not join the club?


A Hot Air Brush That Combs, Smooths, & Dries Your Hair In One Step

You don’t need to exert much energy to get a salon-worthy blowout, as long as you have the cult-favorite Revlon One Step. This is the paddle-brush version of the iconic tool — the other requires a little more technique to achieve a bouncy blowout (whereas this one is better for creating smooth, straight hair). All you have to do is brush it through your hair like you would with a normal brush, and soon you’ll have sleek, dry, full-bodied hair. Absolutely worth the one-time, $35 investment.


These Stylish Sneakers With A Hidden, Built-In Wedge Heel

Too lazy for heels, but still want some height? These comfy sneakers have a hidden, built-in heel — and unlike those wedge sneakers that were popular about a decade ago, this pair’s wedge is disguised so well that you can’t tell you’re wearing heeled sneakers at all. These come in lots of cool color offerings, from neutral all white and black to a bold pink, red, and gold combo that feels very of-the-moment. One Amazon reviewer wrote, “I originally bought these shoes because i needed sneakers that supported the arch in my feet, but they’re the most comfortable shoes i’ve ever purchased. I found myself wearing them everyday at work - and i’m a nurse at an OBGYN office who’s constantly on her feet. 10/10 recommend!”

  • Available sizes: 6 — 10
  • Available colors: 11


These Genius Cleaning Wipes For Your Shoes & Purses

Get your sneakers looking fresh-out-of-the-box clean, with minimal time and effort, with these Jason Markk Quick Wipes. The dual-sided wipes have one smooth side for lifting scuff marks and dirt from leather, and a textured side with raised bumps to buff the tougher parts of your shoes, like the soles and outsoles — though they work just as well to clean your purses and other leather goods, too. Throw a few of these single-use packets in your bag in case of emergency spills and scuffs.


The Timeless Silk Blouse That Will Always Look Chic

On days when you want to look polished but simply do not have the energy to put together a creative outfit, this satin blouse will be a lifesaver. This classic button-down features elegant covered buttons and an ever-so-slightly drapey fit, while the buttery-soft satin material tucks beautifully into whatever bottoms you have on hand — and feels as comfy as the silky pajamas you just peeled off. Get it in six shades, from chic black to punchy bubblegum pink, or in leopard print.

  • Available sizes: XX-Small — 3X
  • Available colors/prints: 7


An In-Shower Body Lotion That Tans Your Skin, Too

For a quick and fuss-free way to cheat a sun-kissed glow, try this Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer. It’s meant to be applied right in the shower and dry down quickly so the color won’t transfer onto your white towels; over the next few hours, the tanning agent develops gradually for a natural-looking bronze. The formula is infused with collagen, elastin, antioxidants, and moisturizers to promote firmer, softer skin, so there’s no need to follow it up with another lotion. No wonder this time-saver has earned close to 20,000 perfect five-star reviews on Amazon.

  • Available shades: 2


This Phone Case That Gives You Studio Lighting For Your Selfies & Zooms

There is no fear quite like that of a last-minute Zoom call on the day you conveniently decided not to do your skin care routine. This phone case was designed almost precisely for that moment — it has a built-in LED light that turns on with the press of a button, and emits a soft, beautiful glow, so you’ll always look professionally lit. (This comes in handy for taking gorgeous selfies, too, of course.) The battery runs for 30 minutes fully charged, and the order comes with a USB cable as well. Choose from 12 chic designs, like smooth matte black or rose gold glitter.

  • Available colors: 12


An Easy Way To Transform Any Outfit

Slipping on a waist belt is an easy way to transform anything you put on — be it a shirt dress or a coat — into an intentional, cohesive outfit. With their chic, interlocking gold clasps and leather detailing, these belts look so much more expensive than they are — though they ring up at under $5 a pop — and the elasticated construction comfortably fits several waist sizes. Choose from four-packs in a handful of neutral color combinations that are guaranteed to complement everything in your closet.

  • Available sizes: Fits Waist 24”-31”; Fits Waist 32”-42”
  • Available styles: 12


The Retro Hair Tool That’ll Take Your Ponytails & Braids To The Next Level

You may remember these hair tools from when you were a kid; but they’re genuinely useful (and fun) for creating all kinds of chic hair styles on your adult hair, from ponytails to fishtail braids, in a matter of seconds. Once you get the hang of it, you can use them to achieve more complicated-looking styles that only seem like they’d be complicated to do. The order comes with four tools in two sizes to suit different hair lengths and thicknesses.


A Fabric Shaver So Your Clothes Always Look Brand New

It may seem like a small thing, but those stray lint and fuzz balls dotting your sweaters and coats do make a big difference in how you present. This handheld fabric defuzzer gets rid of those little imperfections in an instant, all without snagging or damaging delicate fabrics. You’ll be surprised by how fun and satisfying this is to use, so you’ll be searching high and low throughout your closet (and your house — hello, draperies and couches!) for an excuse to break it out.


This Texture Spray That Gives You Tousled, Parisian-Chic Hair With Zero Effort

Use unwashed hair to your advantage with this texture spray from amika. A few spritzes gives your hair great volume and a matte, piece-y effect that looks intentionally bedhead-like, not sloppy, whether you wear it down or style it into an effortlessly cool, Bardot-like bun. Rice starch helps absorb excess oil, much like a dry shampoo, so your scalp will also feel refreshed and soothed. It doesn’t hurt that it smells amazing, too.


A Cozy-Chic Dress That’s As Comfy As Your Favorite Oversized Hoodie

You’ll practically live in this sweater dress in the fall and winter, especially on those cold, dark mornings when the last thing you want to do is get out of your pajamas. The ribbed material and chunky turtleneck are equal parts cozy and chic; while the mid-thigh length is just short enough to feel effortlessly sexy, without being overly revealing, so you can totally wear this to the office. This would look so cute with tights and over-the-knee boots, or even with sneakers for a low-key vibe. You can also belt it if you’d like some more structure.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: 16


A Bedside Humidifier To Hydrate Your Skin (& Eyes) While You Sleep

You may not think to buy a humidifier for its aesthetic effects; but by maintaining proper moisture levels in the air, it’ll keep your skin and eyes properly hydrated, too (it’ll also help prevent your lips from feeling and looking dry). This one has a simple, sleek design that complements any interior, and its compact size will remain discreet in your bedroom. It runs for up to nine hours on a full tank, so it’s perfect for using overnight.


The Perfect Pair Of Everyday Earrings To Dress Up Any Casual Outfit

The half-beaded detailing on this pair of gold hoops amps up any outfit, no matter how simple it is. They’ll make even a simple jeans-and-tee outfit look truly elevated, though they’re streamlined enough to complement even the most eclectic combination of fabrics and prints in your closet. Size-wise, they’re relatively small — think one step up from a huggie — so you don’t even have to take them off at night if you don’t feel like it.


An Eyeliner That Also Boots & Nourishes Your Lashes

Another brilliant hybrid product, this Physicians Formula eyeliner is technically a liner and a lash in one. The formula contains ingredients like peptides and glycerin to support stronger, nourished lashes, and the liner itself delivers an intense pigment and a smooth, skip-free line for fuss-free application, even for beginners. Reviewers confirm that it’s long-wearing too, so you won’t need to deal with touchups throughout the day. Choose from black or brown.

  • Available shades: 2


A Fuss-Free Alternative To Ironing

This handheld steamer does away with the need to pull out the iron and ironing board every time you need to smooth a garment. (But let’s be honest: how many of us actually have an iron and ironing board?) One Amazon reviewer raved: “This steamer is small and compact but packs a punch for getting out wrinkles. It takes no time at all and is super easy to use. Literally fill with water and turn the switch on.” It’s small enough to travel with, too, so you’ll always look polished on vacation or a work trip.


The Best-Selling Jeans That Feel Like Your Comfiest Leggings

With over 40,000 five-star ratings, these Levi’s skinnies are among the most popular jeans on the market. That’s likely because they don’t feel like jeans at all — rather, they pull on like a pair of leggings, and they have plenty of stretch for a snug yet forgiving fit that doesn’t lose its shape. But since they look just like jeans, no one will know how comfortable you actually are. Choose among eight denim washes and solid colors, like olive green and Burgundy.

  • Available sizes: 2 — 28 (available in 28-, 30-, and 32-inch inseams)
  • Available colors: 8


This Genius Way To Give Yourself Pro-Level French Manicures

When you don’t have the time or energy to go to the salon, these French manicure stickers will be great to have in your arsenal. The half-moon stickers act as templates, so you can just peel one off, place it just below the tip of your nail, and paint a perfectly French-shaped tip using the color of your choice. (Though you can use them to create other designs too, not just French manis.) This $6 set comes with a total of 648 stickers, so you’re set for the foreseeable future.


A Flowy Mini Dress That Doesn’t Require Any Extra Styling

Thanks to its ornate, embroidery-style print, this tunic dress is an outfit in and of itself, no accessories required — so in other words, it’s the perfect throw-on-and-go dress for lazy days. The fabric is light and airy to keep you cool during the summer, but this moody black colorway can easily transition into the cooler months when paired with tights, boots, and a coat. It comes in several other colors with varying floral designs, as well as some short-sleeved styles with equally pretty prints.

  • Available sizes: 0X — 4X
  • Available styles: 20


An Effortless Way To Take Off All Your Makeup — With Just Water

When you can’t muster the energy to take off your makeup after coming home late at night, you’ll thank yourself for having one of these makeup eraser cloths on hand. These cult-favorite cloths melt through an entire face of makeup (including the waterproof and long-wearing stuff) with just water, no cleanser necessary, so you can even wash your face from bed if you can’t be bothered to stand at the sink. Plus, reviewers with sensitive skin confirm that the soft microfiber is super gentle on skin, not irritating.


The Fashion Girl’s Solution For When You Have No Idea What To Do With Your Hair

This chic headband accomplishes two lazy-day objectives at once. First, it’s an effortless fix for unwashed hair, or if you just don’t feel like styling it; and second, it works overtime as an accessory, thanks to its printed satin material with a bead and crystal ribbon running through it, and that on-trend knot on the top.


The Most Important Way To Foster Healthy Skin From The Inside Out

You know how celebrities always say that their number-one beauty secret is staying hydrated? Well, they’re not wrong: Drinking an adequate amount of water is recommended by dermatologists for its clinically proven ability to increase your skin’s elasticity, plumpness, and clarity. This water bottle makes drinking that “adequate amount” a lot easier — the bottle is printed with time stamps indicating how much water you should drink each hour, plus motivational slogans to help you push through. It clocks in at 64 ounces, which is just under the recommended 74 ounces for women, so you only need to deal with refilling it once throughout the day.

  • Available colors: 11


A Pair Of Oversized Sunglasses That Make Any Outfit Feel Glamorous

These oversize cat eye sunnies will add a hint of glamour to any outfit, and their opaque lenses hide tired eyes — what’s not to love? Amazon reviewers are obsessed with how expensive they look and feel, too. “Was looking for an oversized pair of glasses for a trip to Europe--one that looks good and does the job, but I would not feel super sad if I loose. SOJOS Vintage Cateye Sunnies to the rescue! These feel expensive and fit great on my face. They have that Jackie O flavor and come with a soft case and cleaning cloth. Perfect for a $10 purchase,” one happy shopper wrote.

  • Available colors: 6


A 2-Piece Lounge Set That Nails The Balance Between Comfy & Stylish

This two-piece set is worth adding to your cute-but-comfy loungewear collection. The slightly slouchy fit and soft, stretchy fabric are pure comfort; but thoughtful design details, like the luxe ribbed knit material and balloon sleeves, elevate this set from your basic sweats-and-a-tee ‘fit. Slip on a pair of slide sandals or sneakers (and even some jewelry, if you’re so inclined), and you’ll feel perfectly put-together to run some errands if you must.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large
  • Available colors: 21


A Truly Effortless Way To Promote Better Hair & Skin

Swapping your cotton pillowcase with a silk one takes the concept of “looking better while lazy” to a whole new level. The slippery, frictionless material results in less breakage and unwanted frizz in your hair; and, skin-wise, silk absorbs less bacteria and moisture than cotton, so silk pillowcases can help stave off breakouts at the same time. Why wouldn’t you want to promote stronger, softer skin and hair while you sleep? This one is available in 34 sophisticated colors that’ll look gorgeous in your bedroom, from neutrals like taupe and ivory, to more saturated shades like sapphire.

  • Available sizes: Standard, Queen, King
  • Available colors: 34


This Fun & Fast Way To Deep Clean Your Makeup Brushes

It’s no secret that cleaning your brushes is one of the most-dreaded beauty tasks — or that it makes a major difference in your brushes’ performance and longevity (not to mention the importance of cleansing them of breakout-inducing bacteria). But this electric brush cleaner does the impossible: It makes cleaning and drying your brushes effortless, fast, and even fun. One shopper commented: “I always dread cleaning my make up brushes since it’s just too much work to scrub the bristles multiple times to get them clean. I am really glad I came across this product as it literally takes make up brush washing down to a couple seconds.” This machine even dries your brushes for you, so there’s barely any effort on your part involved.