10 Amazing Finds You Won’t Believe Are From Ikea

Ikea might have a reputation for furnishing “starter apartments” on account of its wildly modest price points, but if there’s anything we’ve learned over the years, it’s that certain mega-retailers are prone to manifesting pleasant surprises (even when you thought you’d graduated from shopping there). Despite the brand’s categorically stark, Scandanavian style, you can still find a selection of homewares within its spacious aisles that lend personality to your space. From fuzzy accents to gilded decor, here are the 10 best budget-friendly gems to scoop up now.


What To Buy At Ikea

Floor Mirror

Sheepskin Chair Cover

Hanging Lamp

Votive Holder

End Table

Desk Lamp

Woven Rug

Glass Vase

Storage Basket

Hanging Frame