Closet Case

by The Zoe Report


If there is one area in which we consider ourselves experts, it is the art of closetry! Whether you’re moving into a new place or just want to do a little bit of spring cleaning, we have a few ideas that will help you not only get the most out of your space, but also give you a clear, uncluttered view of your belongings—makes for a much easier getting-ready process in the morning. Happy closet cleanse!

1. Manzanita Jewelry Tree ($115) by Lunares Home: Display your long-forgotten gems on this artsy tree branch and you’ll be more likely to wear them. 2. Slim Line Hanger Set ($30) by Real Simple: A universal Team Zoe protocol, we can’t remember life without these streamlining hangers! 3. Fabric & Frame Jewelry Holder ($29) by Urban Outfitters: Take inspiration from this wall frame and DIY your own by covering a bulletin board in a pretty fabric—we’re partial to velvet—and fit it into a cool flea market frame. 4. Shower Hooks ($10) by Charter Club: One of our go-to closet tricks, attach these sleek shower hooks to your closet rod to hang bags, belts and scarves! 5. Stick ‘n Click Lights ($10) by Ontel: You can’t wear what you can’t see! Illuminate the darkest corners of your closet with these convenient clickable lights. 6. Laundry Totes ($150) by French Laundry: Separate your gym clothes from your cocktail dresses with these modern totes. 7. Drop-Front Shoe Boxes ($15 each) by The Container Store: Store your soles in style with these stackable bins—their window-front boxes are pure genius. 8. Decal Desert Plates ($70) by DVF: Arrange bangles, rings and other stylish trinkets on these plates, then set them in drawers for easy access—use velcro on the bottom to keep them in place. 9. Braided Storage Basket ($24) by West Elm: A dapper way to store linens, fold your guest bedding and towels in these braided baskets. 10. Lift Top Trunk ($336) by Diamond: Invest in a trunk for the foot of your bed to store blankets or jeans and it doubles as a posh seating area!