28 Pretty Ways To Organize Your Vanity Before The New Year

by Stephanie Montes

Upon each year’s beginning, we always hope our new selves will find a way to get more organized—especially when it comes to our beauty stash. To inspire a tidier 2018, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite vanities from Pinterest. Take a look, throw out those crushed compacts and expired lipsticks, and make your space easier to navigate (and prettier to look at) thanks to these Pin-worthy strategies.

A pretty tray is the best way to fake being organized. Use it to display your favorite perfume bottles and luxe makeup products and to stash your most-used makeup brushes. Extra points for color-coordinating.

Hanging a pretty shelf in your get-ready space is a great way to display beautiful products while keeping them at arm's reach. Try interesting materials (like metal or glass) and shapes to make your space look Pinterest-worthy.

These are the beauty junkie's go-to vanity staple. They make products look fancy, they match any decor style, and you can see through them. Look for everything from lipstick holders to drawers to keep your goodies in place.

Individual containers ensure your products stay in place no matter how often you open and close them. Even better if you separate everything by category or color.

These are perfect for keeping your makeup brushes, eye pencils and cotton swabs in place with minimal effort—just drop them in and go. You can use decorative cups, empty candle holders or customized mason jars.

Treating your best-packaged beauty items like vanity jewelry will make your space look as beautiful as it is functional. Place lipsticks, nail polishes and frequently used items in glass and metal boxes.

When in doubt, get a basket and drop everything in it. The trick, though, is to make sure it's just as pretty as the products you put in it.