Incredibly Chic Ways To Update Your Living Room

A woman sitting on the edge of a grey couch in her living room

It’s totally natural to want to change up your space every so often. Just as the season’s change, so does your taste—and even the prettiest living spaces can seem stale after a while. But unless you’re a gazillionaire—or a master DIYer!—a complete home overhaul isn’t always realistic. Luckily, there are plenty of solutions for freshening up your place without spending a ton. Here, NYC interior designer Anna Burke spills three of her favorite no­-fail tricks.

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Change Up Your Art

Think you can't afford a masterpiece? Guess again. "Etsy has become a great source for finding affordable original art," says Burke, whose cites Etsy artist Lola Donoghue as a current favorite. "Her pieces are really gorgeous—and no one would ever guess how affordable they actually are."

Add An Eye-Catching Throw

If you want to distract from furniture that's looking a little worse for wear, a luxe throw is a game-changer. "They're a great way to inject color and coziness into a space," advises Burke. "Plus, they instantly brighten up neutral spaces and add a ton of texture." Look for faux fur, stitching details, bold stripes, pompom trim, or washed linen for a modern feel.

Switch Out Your Side Tables

Small, unique side tables add personality and functionality to a room. "A side table is a fun and unexpectedly sophisticated way to fill a corner of the living room," says Burke. "Use it to play backgammon, chess, or cards—or even just as a place for drinks when company come over."