Save Vs. Splurge With Soleil Moon Frye

We’re always looking for ways to improve our living situation. After all, our home is our sanctuary, and yet we can’t afford to spend an arm and a leg on making it the palace we daydream of it being. So we decided to turn to one of our favorite women, Soleil Moon Frye, for a few ideas on where to splurge and where to save when it comes to home décor. The mother of three is a whiz at being resourceful and creative (just check out her website with business partner Kara Nortman, moonfrye.com and the genius party-in-a-box business, psxo.com), so we knew she would have great advice when it came to the pieces we should spend a pretty penny on and where to save our dollars in favor of items big on character instead of price. Take note of her advice before you start redecorating your abode.

Sweet-Smelling Candles

“I love candles so much—there’s really no such thing as having too many. A few of my favorite candle splurges are Tubereuse by Diptyque and Santal by Le Labo. They make the entire house smell amazing!”

Luxe Throwbeds

“These ultralight Hedgehog throwbeds are a staple in our home. They are oh-so soft, lightweight and nice to look at. But most importantly, they're machine washable—a total must if you have kids.”

Charming Chairs

“These classic cigar chairs are incredible. The worn-in leather is stunningly beautiful, and the silhouette is completely timeless. They are a definite investment but something you’ll enjoy having in your home forever.”

Stellar Sound System

“We love our Sonos sound system as it allows us to have dance parties in different rooms throughout the house. We listen to all kinds of music, from reggae and '80s jams to hip-hop and classical.”

Snuggly Sofa

“I have terrific sofas from Plantation that I absolutely adore. If ever I feel like our room is in need of a quick décor update, I can easily change things up with a fresh slipcover.”

Thrifty Throw Pillows

“Target has a great selection of Threshold pillows in a slew of beautiful motifs. Each one is beautiful and a great deal too!”

Multi-Functional Mason Jars

“I turn to mason jars for a multitude of tasks—a vase for fresh flowers, drinking glasses, a container for kids’ school supplies and more.”

Beyond Bedding

“These are the softest, most luxurious sheets. Whenever friends or family stay over they always want to buy them. They’re my little secret that I'm now sharing with you guys.”

Light It Up

“You can find versions of Fellini lights at most lighting stores. They create a beautiful ambiance in any setting and are an easy solution for transforming an area into a truly romantic setting—we have them strung in our backyard.”

Flower Power

“We love creating arrangements out of fresh blooms we get from the flower market. The more creative, the better! Lately I have been going with a more rustic feel to match the changing seasons.”