This Is The Most Popular Candle At Target, And Its Reviews Tell Us Why

We love candles. If we had been born before electricity was invented, we’d be super bummed because we’d be writing longhand stories that no one could read (because of our handwriting) or would read (because Kim Kardashian hadn’t yet been invented)—and yet we’d still be down simply because the lighting would be lovely. Plus, if we got mad at someone we could always knock over a few lanterns and burn said anger-inducing humans to the ground, à la Khaleesi. In any case, as a part of our effort to fall-ify (it’s totally a word) our homes, we’ve been looking for affordable candles to add to the mix; in the process, we stumbled upon the most popular candle at Target. We have to be honest—when we first read “Cashmere Plum” as the name of a scent, we were skeptical. We dare you, in fact, to conjure up an idea of what a cashmere plum even is, let alone what it smells like. However, upon reading the candle’s rave reviews, we have become convinced that this wax creation truly is “the one.” “I just wish I could get this scent in a perfume to wear,” says reviewer MeadowFlower. Agrees user GaMarriedMom, “It smells warm and kinda sexy, actually.” Meanwhile, user Sjm doesn’t just want to rub it all over her body; rather, she wants it to be the only thing she ever owns. “This candle is the only thing I asked for for Christmas this year.” The only thing she asked for for Christmas. Either Sjm is an adorable orphan or this candle is just that good. We’ve ordered one in the name of investigative journalism … and to combat the smell of fish being microwaved at lunchtime. We’ll report back—stay tuned.