The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Spring Cleaning Your Closet

It is now officially spring, which means it’s time to take inventory of your life and purge it of anything you deem to be a hindrance to your success, happiness, or ability to fit new purchases into your closet. It’s the latter we’re tackling today, and though you can see our complete guide to revolutionizing your closet using the KonMari method here, this shortlist should serve as a cheatsheet for quick and easy spring closet cleaning that can be accomplished in thirty minutes or less.



Everyone has a pair of old, threadbare undies they just, for some inexplicable reason, love. (Or is that just us?) We don’t suggest you dispose of that one pair; however, the rest of your panty drawer requires ruthless scrutiny. If it’s discolored, stretched out, or from another decade, toss it. The KonMari method of selecting only what is functional or brings you joy applies just as well to your underpinnings as it does to your outerwear; if it’s cute but doesn’t feel good, toss it, and if it feels good but isn’t cute, keep it.

Vanessa Jackman

Cold Weather Clothing (You Didn't Wear)

Winter is over, or at least nearly over, so now is a good time to assess what you wore and what you didn’t. If you went an entire winter season without wearing a certain sweater, coat, scarf, or other cozy item, it’s time to toss (or donate) it. Unless again, that specific item brings you joy (e.g. that Almost Famous coat you feel a little silly wearing anywhere but inside the house, preferably while dancing around in just the coat and your favorite pair of undies, à la Penny Lane).


Things You Still Haven’t Gotten Tailored

If more than a month has passed since you acquired something that requires tailoring in order to be wearable and you still haven’t seen the seamstress, chances are you’re never going to. The same goes for any damaged item you haven’t had repaired in a month’s time.


Stained Items

Sometimes it can be difficult to let go of the things we love just because they have a tiny stain on the lower left corner (or whatever it may be); however, it needs to be done, as you're not likely to choose to wear something out in public that so obviously advertises your inability to put makeup on while driving, drink wine without also dribbling it onto your shirt, or whatever other clumsy and likely embarrassing behavior caused the stain.

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Shoes, Shoes & More Shoes

This is an exceptionally difficult one. Shoes feel so... significant, so it can be hard to purge them from your closet without feeling like you're throwing away money. Still, if a pair of shoes gives you blisters or otherwise hurts your feet, you need to toss it. If you've never worn a pair of shoes, unless it brings you lots and lots of joy just sitting in your closet, you might want to consign, sell, or donate it. You may also want to take a hard look at your athletic sneakers; though research is mixed on when might be the best time to replace them, you certainly shouldn't still be working out in a pair you bought five years ago. Above all, be honest with yourself when tackling your shoe selection; chances are, you wear a limited number of pairs regularly, a great number very occasionally, and a still greater number not at all.