At Your Service

by The Zoe Report

If you are anything like me, then taking care of your wardrobe is of the utmost importance. From the manner in which a garment is folded in a drawer to the cycle it is soaked in inside the washer, every attentive precaution preserves its glamour and extends the lifetime of your clothing. Luckily, with forces like the Laundress Sweater Service, even your most delicate knits are covered.

Spill something on your favorite chunky sweater during yesterday’s Thanksgiving feast? Disaster solved! Just send your knit to the Sweater Service where it will receive royal treatment—hand washing, de-staining, steaming—from expert launderers and be promptly shipped back to you for your wearing pleasure. Fashion magic! Try it out now and your cashmeres will thank you. After all, stains fall on the fashionable and the unfashionable. xoRZ

Availability: The Laundress Sweater Service ($36 per item). For additional information, visit Thelaundress.com. Enter rzsweater at checkout and receive 15% off the Sweater Service, now through 12/2/10.