The Internet Is Losing It Over These Affordable Mid-Century Modern Chairs

ICYMI, we recently advised that one of the key tenets of French-girl home design is the inclusion of velvet seating, especially when said items are upholstered in dusty rose. Well, it just so happens that internet is going nuts over just such a chair, found all over Amazon, at an affordable price point. MyDomaine first reported on the mid-century modern chairs, which are available from a number of sellers for under $100. The chair pictured is available for purchase in a variety of colors for between $89 and $95 here, for example. You can also score a full set of 2, in this luxurious red wine hue, for $120. As Apartment Therapy points out, a similar style would cost you around $400 per chair from a site like Anthropologie, so these babes are a steal at twice the price. Once purchased, all you’ll need is some messy bedding, high self-esteem and this to feel fully French. Facile, oui?