5 Ways To Embrace The Decor Trend Of 2017, According To Pinterest

The Danish concept of hygge (pronounced hoo-ga), which Pinterest predicts will be trending in 2017 via its annual list The Pinterest 100, is definitely something we wish had been imported sooner—that it exists at all explains why Danes are frequently called the happiest people in the world. Loosely translated to mean cosiness, hygge encapsulates self-care, quality time with loved ones and what Netflix-and-chill would look like if we paid more attention to the spaces in which we do it. Here, five simple ways to embrace hygge in your life and, we hope, become a happier person in the process.


Embracing Hygge


Clear The Clutter

You're aiming for serenity, so clearing unnecessary stuff from your house—or at least one room—is the first step. There's no time like January for enacting a KonMari cleanse.


Upgrade Your Bedding

Nothing says cosy quite like your bed, so if you're skimping on your linens, now's the time to upgrade. The easiest and most cost-effective way to do this is by investing in a blanket—we're currently beyond obsessed with this beauty, but you can also opt for a couple of simple throws or even a heated blanket if you live somewhere that gets frosty this time of year. To really embody the Danish feel, opt for neutral tones and even a monochromatic palette.


Create A Cozy Nook

You'll want an additional spot to cozy up in for rainy Sunday afternoons, quality time with family or just a faux sick day spent indulging in quiet time. Danes call these little nooks hyggekrog, which loosely translates to cozy corner. Create yours using a deep, comfy armchair, a plush pile of floor pillows or even an elevated poof chair.

Eric Buterbaugh

Light A Fire

Fire is a key component of hygge, so we suggest you light whatever you have at your disposal—as many candles as possible, a fireplace or even a fire pit (hygge doesn't have to happen indoors).


Transform Your Bathroom Into A Sanctuary

As bath lovers, we were early adopters of this form of hygge. When aiming to make your bathroom cozier, we suggest taking your inspo from the spa—diffuse eucalyptus, invest in luxurious bath products, add plants, buy a bath tray and make sure you have a robe to snuggle into afterward.