How To Organize Your Makeup Like A Fashion Girl

by Stephanie Montes

Spring-cleaning season is upon is and this seems like as good a time as any to get your bathroom and beauty-product clutter under control. Having a clean, orderly space is the perfect way to streamline your beauty routine (and quite possibly your life). We’ve rounded up a few superbly organized spaces to inspire you to make this year your most organized one yet. As for tidying up other parts of your life (read: finances, love life, careers), you’re on your own.

Get Your Makeup Game Under Control

Use: Lucite Drawers

A set of clear drawers is both pretty and functional. Use each one to store a different product category (lipsticks, blush, eyeshadows, etc.), so you can always find exactly what you are looking for in seconds.

Kate La Vie

Use: Tiered Trays

Show off your designer makeup without taking up precious counter space. Tiered trays display your products in a chic way without creating unnecessary clutter.

Use: Dividers

Utilize your difficult-to-get-to spaces by storing products in convenient, portable trays that can pulled out and then neatly put back when you're done using them. Divide them according to how often you use the products (everyday items, GNO makeup, and so on).

Use: Empty Containers

Show off beautifully packaged products and pretty makeup brushes by storing them in lovely jars or vases.

Style Playground

Use: Decorative Accents

An organized makeup space isn't complete without a few, well-chosen accent pieces. Our go-to items include ornate trays, fragrant candles, fresh flowers, statement mirrors (which are just as functional as they are beautiful), paintings and other feminine knickknacks.

Fiore Beauty

Use: Catchall Accessories

Busy girls don't always have time to spend on organizing. Investing in pretty bowls, trays and organizers makes your mess look beautiful without having to spend time cleaning.

The Everygirl