7 Things All Introverts Have In Their Homes

While you can’t generalize an entire subset of people as liking one thing or another—and, in fact, research shows there are at least four different types of introversion—there are a few items you’re likely to find in the homes of almost every introvert. (This editor, at the very least, relates significantly to this list.) Here, a shoppable guide to the cozy havens these oft-quieter types are known to create for themselves.


This Is SO You

Gray Malin

Impersonal Art

According to one study, introverts aren't particularly impressed by the faces of other humans—at least not more so than they are by images of animals or inanimate objects. We're hypothesizing, as a result, that the art you'll find in their homes is less people-centric and more soothing (some introverts are easily overwhelmed by their environment).



Many introverts relish alone time, so it stands to reason they're likely to be bookworms. You can often tell an introvert's home by a bookshelf filled with non-color-coordinated and well-worn tomes.

A Nook

For the homebody contingent, hygge is nothing new—they were making cozy nooks well before it became trendy—and a soft armchair is a must.

Zara Home

Cozy Blankets

Also a go-to for the nook? A pile of soft blankets. Even if it's warm outside, a light throw is a requirement for those settling in for a read, a journaling session or a Netflix marathon.

Urban Outfitters

A Small Kitchen Table

While it's not true of every introvert, many prefer not to socialize in big groups. For this reason, you won't find a extra-long dining room table in their homes. A smaller spot conducive to intimate gatherings is more likely.



Introverts do best when they aren't over-stimulated, so they're likely to keep their homes as clutter-free as possible. Open their pantries or closets, and you'll find lots of catchall baskets stashed away for hiding knickknacks. (The flip side is that some have such a rich inner life that they don't notice their physical surroundings much, which can lead to a more chaotic scene. This editor is guilty as charged.)

Laura Mercier

Bath Accessories And Products

Since introverts can be worn out by ordinary events of the day, especially given the proliferation of open-plan offices that afford them zero Zen, they're often partial to unwinding in the bath at night. You'll know you've entered the home of one of these types once you've peeped her collection of bath accoutrements, which are often quite enviable.