Easy Ways To Update Your Apartment On A Budget


If you’re already planning to immerse yourself in a deep spring clean, why not spruce up your space while you’re at it? Once you’ve KonMaried your life, consider making subtle tweaks to your apartment to reinvigorate its look and feel. A pro at creating great interiors, Christina Bryant of St. Frank shares her tips for budget-friendly ways to improve your place—plus shop under-$100 upgrades that’ll make your wallet happy.

Courtesy of St. Frank

Budget-Friendly Ways To Update Your Space

Courtesy of St. Frank


"One of the easiest ways to change the color palette of a space is to mix up the pillows—I like to rotate mine seasonally. Another way to switch it up is using pillows from the sofa on the bed and snagging some new pieces with extra punch for the living room. Consider layering pillows and combining patterns on your bed for added intrigue."

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Living Room

"Refresh your living room by rearranging the floor plan. This takes some time and (ideally) an extra set of hands, but it’s a high-impact, low cost way to shake things up. Don't be afraid to take risks here—things can always be put back. Another way to touch up the room is by reorganizing the bookshelves and coffee table, as these surfaces have major impact potential. Mix up the art and decorative objects on the bookshelves, then stack books by color and showcase pretty flowers, bowls and curios on the coffee table."

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Courtesy of St. Frank


"Reconsider lighting. This is everything when it comes to showing off a space. In the bathroom, lighting is so important, whether showing off your glowing skin or setting a romantic mood. Change out your light fixtures, or splurge on a delightful scented candle."

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"Always start by cleaning out the kitchen and reorganizing cabinets and drawers—a tidy kitchen is a treat in and of itself. Further refresh the space by creating a gallery wall on one end. A gallery wall is a great way to pull together all the little art pieces you’ve collected over the years to create large visual impact. (Click here for more tips on pulling this off.)"

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What To Look For At Flea Markets

"You can find beautiful coral and barnacles in flea markets—they're great pieces to add to bookshelves and accent tables. In vintage stores, look for furniture with great bones to refinish and reupholster. I personally also love to collect silver pieces from antique shops."

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Easy DIY Projects

"Repaint—a fresh coat in the bedroom, a backsplash in the kitchen or bright accent on doors and windows in the family or dining room are an easy way to change the tone. Try a bold color, like a dark charcoal or a kelly green instead of the default white."

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